Announced the list of nominees theatre Tony Award

Announced the list of nominees theatre Tony AwardA Broadway performance of "On top" is one of the main contenders for the prestigious theatre Tony Award, noted in 13 categories.In second place was the musical "South Pacific", presented at the 11 award categories. It is followed by the staging of the Broadway show "Sunday in the Park with George", which received 9 nominations.Play Tracy Letts "August: Osage County", named best drama by a vote of the jury of the Pulitzer prize, has received seven nominations for the highest theatrical award Tony Award.In the main category of the award for "best play" declared: "the Seafarer" by Conor McPherson, "the Rock' n 'roll" by Tom Stoppard, "the 39 steps" by Patrick Barlow and "August: Osage County. In the category "best musical" at theater "Oscar" fight performances: "On top", "Extremely weird", "Crybaby" and "Xanadu", writes the Associated Press. Source: Announced list of nominees theatre Tony Award. . . Читать полностью -->

Sergey Zhukov `buried` star elite

Sergey Zhukov `buried` star eliteThe leader of the group "Hands up" Sergey Zhukov presented to the readers of his scandalous novel Starfall. The funeral of show business," in which the author buries star elite, and in the literal sense.At the presentation of Sergey not only signed autographs for fans, but also sang them a few songs. Despite the fact that the group "Hands up" long ago disintegrated, fans continue to attack Sergei. At the presentation of everything was even better than in former times. After the beetles sang a few new songs, fans went nuts.Sergei had surrounded with a dense ring of guards and then off to the cloakroom and to the car. I even could not imagine that it can be! - shared with the "GG" assistant Sergei. Читать полностью -->

In America will make the continuation of `Beverly hills 90210`

In America will make the continuation of `Beverly hills 90210`The most famous zip code in America, and in many other countries, returns to the small screen. The company CW launches modern continuation of the popular series "Beverly hills 90210".As reported by Reuters, favorite teen TV series of the 1990s, created by Aaron Spelling, will soon return to the audience, however the details of the project (e.g., who are the heroes of the previous version will be reborn in the remake) are secret. Exactly, however, it is known that one of the creators of the series - Old Darren - involved shooting will not.Negotiations are underway with prospective head writer, and if the contract is signed, the pilot episode of Beverly hills" will be lifted by the end of this month, says the Agency.We will remind, the history of the series began in 1990. Then Darren Old showed a famous Hollywood producer and Director Aaron Spelling scripts of the first six episodes of the show. First, the Spelling did not like that all the main characters are teenagers, Old but convinced him that this will play into the hands of the future success of the series. The way it happened.The plot is built around the main character Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley) and his friends. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney was named the most `hot` bachelor

George Clooney was named the most `hot` bachelorActor George Clooney has been named the American TV show The Insider the most desirable bachelor in Hollywood.It should be noted that the status of the most "hot" the bachelor actor received despite the fact that officially meets with Sarah Larsen and their relationship, according to the latest rumors, very serious.In addition to Clooney the most desirable unmarried men of Hollywood have become Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, who is about to become a father, Vince Vaughn, Bruce Willis, Jamie Foxx, Orlando bloom and Owen Wilson. Source: George Clooney has been named the "hottest" bachelor. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie expecting twins

Angelina Jolie expecting twinsBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie are preparing for the birth of two more daughters. According to American magazine Star, in July, the actress will give birth to two girls-twins."Brad is looking forward to babies, he loves little girls. Angelina and the children happy," according to an informed source.However, despite the joy, the star couple is preparing for the worst variant, in case in the last month of pregnancy, something goes wrong. The fact that shortly before flying to France, where Angelina is going to give birth, the actress fell hard, and it made me fear for the health of unborn girls."The day Angelina got out of bed and walked across the room, but suddenly lost consciousness and fell. Brad heard her hit the floor and ran to her aid. She woke up rather quickly. Читать полностью -->

Rosenbaum made the inevitable operation

Rosenbaum made the inevitable operationFamous singer Alexander Rozenbaum with extensive inflammation in the leg was taken by an ambulance in one of the Moscow clinics. After a thorough medical examination, the doctors concluded that surgery is needed.56-year-old Alexander Rosenbaum arrived from St. Petersburg to Moscow for a concert. However, in the train singer has a terrible cold. Literally overnight he had extensive inflammation on foot. The singer had to seek the help of qualified specialists in Metropolitan hospitals, informs "Your day".Yesterday at noon, Alexander Yakovlevich and his concert Director was taken to the clinic. Читать полностью -->

`Silver` has overtaken Bilan in popularity rating

`Silver` has overtaken Bilan in popularity ratingAs we all know, this year our country at the international contest "Eurovision" will be Dima Bilan with the song Believe.Ironically, long before the start of the contest Bilan started to pull last year's favorites "Eurovision" -the group "Silver".We are talking about a popularity rating of songs, which is compiled by the website TopHit. According to this professional online resource, the track "Silver" under the name "Opium" is four times the ratings download party songs of Dima Bilan.By the way, both songs started in rotation at the same time - a week ago. And during this period of time new hit, "Silver" has overtaken Bilan song in the charts at once to three points and took the leading position.According to well-known music critics, this is an unprecedented case when a new song of the musical group beats by rotation, the track number one, who will represent our country at Eurovision."We wish Dima Bilan wins and we will be glad to any result, say the soloist of the group "Silver". - We know what Eurovision is, we know how difficult it is. But nevertheless we are sure that Dima will be all right". Source: "Silver" ahead of Bilan in popularity rating. Читать полностью -->

Ivan Urgant is hiding information about her daughter

Ivan Urgant is hiding information about her daughterAs we wrote last week when well-known TV presenter Ivan Urgant first became a father. The showman and his beloved Natalia Kiknadze daughter was born.The girl was born in St. Petersburg. Ivan at this time was in Moscow, on the set of the next project. After work, he rushed to St. Petersburg and met with his wife and newborn daughter for a few days. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears has prigotovila next sneaker

Britney Spears has prigotovila next sneaker Britney Spears may be, and divorced Kevin motherhood, however, sympathy for the guys of this type has remained, writes in Friday's Daily Mail.Eyewitnesses saw just recently, the singer placed her in the car naked from the waist up young man, in appearance very similar to Federline, at the gas station on the way to the salon in Beverly hills.In jeans, sneakers, dark glasses to get out and out cowards, this man embodied everything that drew Britney in her former husband. By the way, when they started Dating in 2004, many said that Motherhood is no match for her.Bodyguard Britney guy drove a few blocks and then he left. It is unknown whether they meet with Britney, or just friends, or Spears of kindness decided to bring a stranger.According to rumors, Britney now intensively leads in shape, doing physical exercises and dances, preparing to return to the big stage. Source: Britney Spears has prigotovila next sneaker (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Vitas detained for disorderly conduct in a police uniform

Vitas detained for disorderly conduct in a police uniformPopular singer Vitas was recently arrested for illegal possession of police forms and disorderly conduct. The artist, who in unusual clothes visited one of the Moscow restaurants of Japanese cuisine, after the incident was brought to the station, where were two protocols.For the illegal possession of a police form, he faces a fine from 300 to 500 rubles.Last Saturday Vitas friends and I went to the Japanese restaurant "Yakitoria" on Novy Arbat, dressed in the uniform of a Lieutenant of militia. Some time later, Vitas began to behave provocatively, so that the guards of the institution was unable to overpower him, reports the Telegraph."He expressed obscenely, their arms, threatened with trouble at work and was trying to provoke a fight," he wrote in his statement to the police officer of the security company that guards "Yakitori".In the end, to pacify the Vitas protection of the restaurant was forced to call the police, which brought the singer in a call center. Source: Vitas detained for disorderly conduct in a police uniform. . . Читать полностью -->

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