Emma Watson will receive $21 million on 18th birthday

Emma Watson will receive $21 million on 18th birthday The actress will have to undergo financial management before they get their state. $ 21 million worth of Emma Watson after 8-year-old play in the movie the role of Hermione.Emma Watson celebrated her 18th birthday surrounded by family, friends and colleagues in the movies about Harry Potter, writes Daily Mail.Tom Felton, who plays villain the DanCo Malfoy, came as always with dyed platinum hair color, was also Evanna Lynch, aka Luna Lovegood, and Katie, Leung, who plays Cho.Only two people, the lack of which was evident at the celebration in a London restaurant Automat, have been best friends Emma's on-screen - Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, according to ФактNews.The night Emma had collected so many gifts that her father barely able to get home from the restaurant to the actress in Oxfordshire. The celebration ended with a fifth a night that has become a rarity for Watson, who prefers to go to bed early to look good on set.Emma, whose contract with Warner Brothers has the item "on good behavior", last week was not allowed to go to a concert MySpace Beyond The Rave with her boyfriend Jay Barrymore.However, Watson should not be upset. Now, when she turned 18, she got access to his estate, estimated at 21 million dollars. This enormous sum has accumulated more than eight years, she plays Hermione. For the last film about Harry Potter she is rumored, will pay 5 million dollars.Money entrusted her only after she agreed to undergo financial management, created specifically for millionaires. Читать полностью -->

Muscovites have honored the memory of Ilyas Shurpaev

Muscovites have honored the memory of Ilyas ShurpaevSeveral dozen people gathered on Saturday at the television centre "Ostankino" in Moscow to honour the memory of the killed in the night of Friday the correspondent of the First channel Ilyas Shurpaev.This was reported by RIA "Novosti", the event organizer, the Moscow journalist Emilia Casanova."Gathered in Moscow and non-Moscow-based journalists, all those who want to honor the memory of Ilyas Shurpaev. Many of them knew Ilyas personally, but saw him stories or read his blogs," - said the Agency interlocutor.Ilyas Suraev, who began her journalistic career in Dagestan, and then became a reporter for channel one, was killed on the night of March 21. The body of the reporter with traces of violent death was found in an apartment he rented the last two weeks in the North-East of Moscow. According to preliminary data, killing Shurpaev are domestic in nature, but could be due to professional activities.According to Casanovas, "Ostankino" gathered, mostly journalists - the natives of Dagestan. To commemorate the countryman came and members of KVN team "Makhachkala tramps".Casanova noted that participants do not plan to hold a rally. "People just want to lay flowers, hug each other and Express each other condolences," said she.The interlocutor of Agency added that the organizers encouraged everyone to come to the telecentre through messages in the "Live journal" and other popular Internet sites.One of the participants lamented in an interview with RIA Novosti that colleagues from "Ostankino" has not yet established near telecentre photograph Shurpaev to which those interested could lay flowers."With us there is a staff of the First channel. Читать полностью -->

`Fool's gold` and other new Russian cinema

`Fool's gold` and other new Russian cinemaThis week the Russian audience will see the premiere of the film "fool's Gold" about the former couple reunited for treasure hunts. Horror classic George Romero "diary of the dead", filmed in the style of "the Witch from Blair" and "Cloverfield".And also the film "fast and furious da Vinci" in which an American Professor who teaches at Moscow state University, joins forces with biker nicknamed the Wolf searches for ancient treasures hidden somewhere in the Moscow underground, writes "Time of news".Typical summer movie, full of predictable adventures and jokes, "fool's Gold" tells the story of how former spouses - the treasure hunter Ben (Matthew McConaughey) and Tess (Kate Hudson) is encountered again, following the trail of the forty chests of Royal dowry, which sank three years ago. And find not only the wealth, but, of course, a new meaning in their relationship.Another social statement of the classic George Romero film "diary of the dead", habitually disguised as a Thriller, tells how a group of young filmmakers making a movie about the walking dead and in the process realizes that can be switched on the living - dead, and really rose from the grave and began slowly but surely to destroy all around. The film is in the tradition of pseudoradicular movie, and the Director himself claims to have invented this technique long before "the Witch from Blair" and "Cloverfield".As an Italian-French film by Giuseppe Tornatore, "the Stranger" was an immigrant from Eastern Europe, and originally hails from the Ukraine, arrives in a small Italian town, where he tries to deal with their past, to relive the trauma and regain a lost love. The film won five Italian film awards, "David Donatello", including best picture of the year, as well as directing, cinematography, best actress and music.Psychedelic drama from the Director of the movie "Tin" Denis Neimand "open space" tells the story of how young drug addicts, lovers in the Oder and the same girl are in the taiga often where they have to contend not only with drug astinenza, but with a much more prosaic difficulties.Another Thriller Gregory Hoblit "untraceable" tells the story of how FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is headed by a special task force trying to catch a serial killer whose business card - hanging shooting murders in the Internet.A remake of the Thai horror film "Phantoms", which was a great success and received the prize of the audience at a reputable genre festival in Gerardmer, tells how the couple discovered on their after accident photos image strange and not particularly pleasant ghosts.In the movie "the fast and the furious da Vinci's" American Professor who teaches at Moscow state University, joins forces with biker nicknamed the Wolf searches for ancient treasures hidden somewhere in the Moscow underground. The filmmakers have positioned it as "a parody Thriller" (hence the name in Russian cinemas changed from neutral "treasure Hunters" in postmodern pun intended), but there is a sense that parody the film was when something did not work with a serious action movie. Читать полностью -->

Melanie C has denied the rumors about their sexual orientation

Melanie C has denied the rumors about their sexual orientationMelanie Chisholm (Melanie Chisholm), better known as Mel C or Sporty spice from the reunited group the Spice Girls, got a bagpipe that she is not a lesbian.According to Melanie, she has no idea where the rumors, stating that she was stubbornly hiding their orientation. She had so many Affairs with famous men, by my fellow colleagues for.Among them I recall Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams), orientation around which also go constant gossip, Anthony Kiedis (Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as Damon Albarn (Damon Albarn), the leader of the legendary British band Blur. At present time Mel C is in a steady relationship with an expert in the field of real estate Thomas Starr (Thomas Starr). However, the rumors that Melanie is hidden lesbian, is not thought to disappear."Questions about my sexual orientation has always haunted me," says Sporty spice, and rather puzzled me because I never gave reasons for this".Previously Mel C had cancelled the emergence of rumors on its image short cropped sports girls in t-shirts sleeveless with a bunch of tattoos.Press also recalled that last month, during the celebration of the birthday of another of our members, Emma bunton (Emma Bunton), happened to the story, which shocked the audience. Holiday it was decided to celebrate on the stage, and at first everything went like clockwork: Emma was presented with a cake with candles and sang the congratulatory songs. However, after that, Mel C and Mel b (Melanie brown, Melanie Brown, nicknamed "Ugly spice") have become desperate for being cheap, what has shocked many viewers who came to the concert with the kids.Mel b told Emma to "deliver oral pleasure" Mel C (in the original, her words sounded more rude), Recalling that lesbian innuendo surround both her and bandmate.One of the spectators later told newspaper Metro.co.uk: "We were shocked - my ears couldn't believe it, because among the audience there were a lot of children, and their own children, too, watched the scene. Читать полностью -->

Svetlana Svetlichnaya decided to sue her granddaughter

Svetlana Svetlichnaya decided to sue her granddaughterFamous actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya is suing his granddaughter Mary Iwasawa. Dispute of two women was the appearance of Mary.Witness the process can become all comers, because the hearing was held in the framework of the program "Fashion verdict" on the First channel.So, Svetlichny opposes his only granddaughter, who is accused of does not correspond to the representations of the plaintiff about a young girl.Svetlana Svetlichnaya deservedly considered one of the symbols of the Soviet cinema. Feminine and bright, it has always aroused men admiration.But movie stars granddaughter conceals its feminine appeal. Masha is only sportswear, and sometimes her craving for freedom reaches the point of absurdity. The girl may come in a tracksuit and sneakers even at a festive event.Svetlichnaya from the image of his granddaughter is not happy. Moreover, the actress is insanely annoying her endless t-shirts, ripped jeans and flat shoes.However, Masha has an opinion on this. Читать полностью -->