Shakira decided to create my own line of cosmetics

Shakira decided to create my own line of cosmeticsFamous Colombian singer Shakira (Shakira), like most of the stars of show business, decided to add to the list of their professions.To do this, the artist signed a contract with a leading Spanish beauty group Puig Beauty & Fashion Group for the production of its line of cosmetics and perfumery.Group Puig is already known to us in the development of perfume from Antonio Banderas and fragrances for Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne.Recall that Shakira recently auctioned 40 stage costumes, in which she performed in last year's tour. In total, Shakira gathered at auction 76 thousand dollars.Today most of the stars of show business are trying to Express themselves in new ways and attract more attention, and perhaps just to earn a few extra million dollars by creating side projects often become a collection of clothes, perfumes and cosmetics.Interestingly, canadian singer Avril Lavigne wish to become a perfumer. But that's not the only idea: the singer even create their own brand, which will produce fashion clothing for young people. Source: Shakira decided to create my own line of cosmetics. . . Читать полностью -->

In the group `VIA Gra` - a third soloist

In the group `VIA Gra` - a third soloistIn the female pop group "VIA Gra" has a third soloist. The place is most famous ex-member of Vera Brezhneva took the 22-year-old winner of the contest "Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova, informs "Your day".Since from "VIA gra" in July last year he left Vera Brezhnev was predicted and ex-soloist Nadja Granovsky, and ex-"brilliant" Anna Semenovich with Ksusha Novikova, and "fabricante" Yulia Parshuta.Prior to the beginning of this year, the producers Dmitry Kostyuk and Konstantin Meladze was awaiting the return of the team of Vera Brezhneva, who was taking a sabbatical. But after Faith has become a leading TV program "Magic ten", hope for her return left."We were all glad for the Faith and wished her every success, - says Dmitry Kostyuk. And early this year began to consider a summary of the contenders in its place. Those wishing to join the illustrious group turned out to be a lot of".After going through hundreds of options, the producers have opted for a 22-year-old Tatyana Kotova. In the Rostov beauty without vocal learning Kostyuk and Meladze saw a future star.Tatiana potential of this true artist, - says Dmitry. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton liked to be a DJ in Moscow

Paris Hilton liked to be a DJ in Moscow Continuing his stay in Moscow after participating in the ceremony of the MTV awards, Paris Hilton played a DJ set in fashionable Moscow club, writes "Your day".26-year-old blonde arrived at a famous club late at night. He stepped on the threshold, a brawler immediately went to the dressing room, where he spent about an hour in talks with the organizers.The issue was whether Hilton sing or not. However, singing Paris did not want and as a result decided that she will perform as a DJ. Famous heiress very quickly got into character. Looking up to the fullest, Paris did not miss the opportunity to admire the charms of the dancers, encouraging the audience sharp matchgame. Half-naked strippers Paris filmed on the camera.The mood overseas diva rose so that Hilton just beginning to rush into the arms of fans. Читать полностью -->

The band Scorpions froze to death in Siberia

The band Scorpions froze to death in Siberia One of the members of the Scorpions, Rudolf Schenker, Siberia needed medical assistance. 59-year-old rocker blew back on the plane, when the band was flying to a concert in Kemerovo.The Manager of the hotel where the VIP suites have settled the musicians, said that Rudolf even asked the masseur is so hard it twisted osteochondrosis. After that the musician was noticeably better."Scorpios" had their own experience to know what a Siberian winter - performances took place on the stage of the open stadium "the Chemist". Before the concert began, the storm, the temperature dropped to minus 12, writes "Your day".The musicians are so cold that even refused a drum solo, Russian "Polyushka and third tracks. Source: the band Scorpions froze to death in Siberia (photo). . Читать полностью -->

French skydiver not broke the sound barrier

French skydiver not broke the sound barrierThe attempt of the French parachutist Michel Fournier to break the record long jump failed.Balloon to 64-year-old Fournier had intended to reach a height of 40 kilometers for record jump, on Tuesday broke away from the gondola and flew away, forcing the athlete to postpone the attempt, according to All this happened on live television.On Monday, 64-year-old skydiver in the last minutes before the flight was forced to postpone it due to strong winds and cloud cover. This time the balloon for some reason was separated from the gondola when it was filled with helium at the airport at North Battleford in the province of Saskatchewan. In the gondola was Fournier, actively drifting about in the lungs with the oxygen in the last hours before the start. Now attempt setting the record would have to be postponed indefinitely.Recall that a skydiver had intended to break four world records: speed of free fall, its duration, the height of the jump and the height to which man is lifted by the balloon.In free fall Fournier for the first time in history had to overcome the sound barrier without the use of an aircraft. To help him in this was specially designed suit that protects against extreme loads.French media noted that the previous record in skydiving at freefall time established a Soviet athlete Evgeniy Andreev, who jumped from a height of almost 24.5 kilometers, RIA "Novosti".In case of successful completion of the experiment jump Fournier will be able to promote research, particularly in the field of Astronautics. Читать полностью -->

In St. Petersburg will have a Theatre songs of Alla Pugacheva

In St. Petersburg will have a Theatre songs of Alla PugachevaAlla Pugacheva is planning to build in St. Petersburg Theatre of song - a cultural center for concerts and festivals. This singer told reporters after the meeting with the Governor Valentina Matvienko, ITAR-TASS reported."To create a song Theatre in St. Petersburg - this is my dream. I have a special relationship to the city, to the audience. Читать полностью -->

The veterans `Home-2` leave the TV show

The veterans `Home-2` leave the TV showThe reality show "Dom-2" leaves one of the most interesting pairs - Sam Seleznev and Nastya Dashko. Care of Sam and Nastya is not without a major scandal.No one expected such an act from a couple that has won the viewers ' vote and seemed to be a real contender for the prize of the Moscow apartment. The keys to the apartment, the winner of the audience voting on February 14. In the "battle" for housing battled Victoria Karaseva and Ruslan Proskuriv, Sam Seleznev and Nastya Dashko and singles Stepan Menshchikov and Sun.And that's before the most exciting moment Sam and Nastya decided to leave. Sam Seleznev (age 29, Krasnodar) and Nastya Dashko (24 years, Salekhard) - some of you old-timers "House-2".The guys lived on the TV show three and a half years. Nastya came to the "House-2" a couple of months earlier, but before coming on the show Sam - who travelled around the world of the dark - skinned dancer was left alone. Читать полностью -->

Nonna Mordyukova has reconciled with her husband

Nonna Mordyukova has reconciled with her husbandFamous actress Nonna Mordyukova and her ex-husband, actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov, a couple of months ago was in the same hospital.And although during my stay in the hospital former spouses did not communicate, it's a coincidence all prompted Nonna Viktorovna to reconcile with Tikhonov.Vyacheslav Tikhonov was discharged two days before his ex-wife. And she decided to call him home right from the hospital."He was the first about me on TV - the film was called "All about you", that is about Mordyukova - said, "Nonna, I'm sorry that messed up your life. Sorry... I'm good to you I and all nonsense". I was happy that he said that. So they took him and called," says Nonna Viktorovna."We have his wife good relationship," added Mordyukova. Читать полностью -->

Stocki returned to the stage

Stocki returned to the stageAfter a long absence Anastasia Stotskaya returned to the famous musical "Chicago".Freed from the tutelage of Philip Kirkorov, Nastya with renewed vigor for solo work. Recall that the Broadway musical "Chicago" on the stage of the Theatre for the first time in Russia put Philip Kirkorov. Then, beaming new stars - Anastasia Stotskaya and Face Pull. After more than a hundred performances because of big financial losses to American producers decided to shut up shop.However, after a while the actors changed the story a bit and began to tour with "Chicago" without Kirkorov and Stotsky. And recently Nastya agreed to participate in the musical. And the reason is not only a good fee. Читать полностью -->

Katie Holmes wants to take away from Tom cruise's daughter

Katie Holmes wants to take away from Tom cruise's daughterBroken under the weight of marriage with Tom cruise, Katie Holmes plans to take their daughter Suri to new York. However, Tom resolutely against.Journal Star writes that Katie who was offered the role on Broadway, tries to escape from the control of her husband and move to Manhattan that will be a kind of rehearsal for divorce."She really needed some alone time, but Tom would not let her take Suri. He does not like to permanently lose them both from sight. He said that if she goes to new York, he will go with her, " says a source. - When it comes to Suri, Tom does not go to any compromises".While her parents argue, little Suri, which on 18 April will be 2 years, spends most of her time with the nanny and not the mom and dad. "She pay much attention to, but every child wants to be with their parents. Читать полностью -->

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