The court found no incitement to violence in the film `Fitna`

The court found no incitement to violence in the film `Fitna`The court of the Hague at today's meeting concluded that the film "Fitna" ("Discord") does not contain incitement to hatred and violence, reports RIA "Novosti".Recall that the film was made a member of the Parliament of the Netherlands, the leader of the "Freedom Party" heertum Wilders, who then placed the tape on the Internet. Tape sparked protests by Muslims in many countries.C protest in the Hague, the court turned to the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF).In the court's decision emphasizes that Wilders had not violated the law by publishing your movie. The court considers that Wilders can still Express their point of view, including in blunt terms, for otherwise he will not be able to perform their functions politician.In this regard, the judge ruled that Wilders has the right to compare Islam with fascism. "The MP should be able to publicly Express their point of view, and this right of Geert Wilders, was decisive in making decisions," the judge said.The court ruled that Wilders is not obliged to correct their statements, to abandon them or to Express their regret and apologize. In the opinion of the Hague court, forced expression of regret would be contrary to the freedom of speech. "Not by a court to compel the expression of regret," - stated in the court decision.First, before placing the "Fitna" on the Internet, the NIF demanded that before the publication of the movie was seen by an independent expert.Since the film has been leaked to the public until the court decides the plaintiff requested the opinion of the judges, has not violated any Wilders law, publicly linking Islam and the Koran with fascism, as well as stating that the Prophet Muhammad was a barbarian.NIF demanded from the court that he committed the Wilders to apologize for his remarks and claimed also that the comparison of Islam with fascism is incitement to hatred and violence.Posted on March 27, Internet 17-minute film "Fitna" shows, in particular, documentary footage of the terrorist attacks in September 2001 in new York, and shows victims of the attacks. Читать полностью -->

Italian woman in a wedding dress was found dead

Italian woman in a wedding dress was found deadTurkish police in the vicinity of Istanbul found the body of 33-year-old Italian artist, Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, a hitchhiker in a wedding dress intended to reach Lebanon, reports RIA "Novosti".According to media reports, 33-year-old resident of Milan, the niece of one of the well-known Italian actors, decided to hold a peace rally called "the Bride in the journey". His message "Life and peace" the artist wanted to convey in the earth, tired of the conflict. On a trip Giuseppina went with her friend Silvia Moro (Silvia Moro) on 8 March 2008. Media noted that both Italians hitchhiked in wedding dresses.The Italian had been in contact with relatives throughout the lot. The artist traveled Italy, Balkan countries, made it to Turkey.Despite constant contact with family and attention to strange shares the Italian media, she disappeared from sight March 31. It became known that a few days before the disappearance Giuseppina had a fight with his girlfriend and continued his journey alone.As reported by the Agency Apcom with reference to the statement of the Consul General of Italy in Istanbul Stefano Canzio, on Friday night, the Turkish police found in the woods near Istanbul the corpse of Giuseppina, covered with earth and branches.To trace the suspect in the murder of an Italian police managed using data preserved in your mobile phone giuseppini, which was discovered at the crime scene. Читать полностью -->

Natalie Portman wants to be a serious actress

Natalie Portman wants to be a serious actressAfter the film's release Weight Anderson's "Hotel Chevalier""" where Natalie appeared completely naked, the actress said that will never get naked on screen, as it wants to be taken seriously as an actress.It took very little time, and Natalie changed my mind. Now Portman is ready to be naked in a movie and further. "Undress for me not a problem," said the eternal prude Natalie. - I like it a lot!" Source: Natalie Portman wants to be a serious actress. . . Читать полностью -->

The organizer of the Nazi Orgy of sir Mosley - wife of an MI5 agent

The organizer of the Nazi Orgy of sir Mosley - wife of an MI5 agentThe agent of the British secret service MI5 was forced to resign after it was revealed that his wife-a prostitute was an architect of newspaper scandal , in which was buried the career of the head of the world road Association sir max Mosley.The wife of a secret agent involved in the organization of sado-masochistic parties "in Nazi style for Mosley, and podbielska for that prostitutes are not immediately recognized in the permanent client representative of the upper light. However, recognizing, without thinking twice, sold information about him to one of the British tabloid News of the World.The scandal is a major embarrassment for the British secret service, agent surveillance which is compromised and forced to resign. Source: Organizer Nazi orgies sir Mosley - wife of an MI5 agent. . . . Читать полностью -->

Anna Friel will save the world with their beauty

Anna Friel will save the world with their beauty No wonder they say: "Beauty will save the world". Charming girl Anna glaring example - a lot of beautiful women make happy almost all men on the planet.Brunette with amazing features frankly excites men and makes them think about the most obscene thoughts. Source: Anna Friel will save the world with their beauty (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Died essayist and dissident Zoe Krakhmalnikova

Died essayist and dissident Zoe KrakhmalnikovaParticipant in the dissident movement and the publicist, the writer's widow Felix Svetlova Zoe Krakhmalnikova, who died Friday after a long illness, will be buried in Moscow on khovanskoye cemetery, reports Internet portal "Religion and mass media"."The funeral of the Zoe Krakhmalnikova will be held on Sunday 20 April in the Church of Cosmas and Damian in Stoleshnikov lane. The funeral will be held Sunday at khovanskoye cemetery in Moscow," according to the portal "Religion and mass media".Zoe Krakhmalnikova is the author of a cycle of works "the Bitter fruits of sweet captivity" (1988-1990, about the relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Soviet state), the book "Listen, prison!", which included "Lefortovo notes" and "Letters from exile" (1995), the originator and one of the authors of the book "the Russian idea and the Jews. Fatal dispute. Christianity, antisemitism, nationalism" (1994).She was born January 14, 1929 in Kharkov. Author of several literary books and dozens of articles, translator. In the 1960s and 1970s her critical articles published in magazines "New world", "Banner", "Young guard" and in the "Literary Gazette". Читать полностью -->

Serge had an affair with a soloist of the `Podium`

Serge had an affair with a soloist of the `Podium` A surprise to all was the participation, known for his brutality, rapper Seryoga music singing project models Runway. As it turned out, Serge again in love.His new passion became a model, the soloist of the musical project "Podium" Marina Matveeva. They recently met in Kiev, on one of the private parties. A curious and ubiquitous, the public may have noticed on the hand of a new Marina ring in white gold with a diamond in the form of a heart, weighing 18 carats."I confess, I'm madly in love. This girl is beautiful! commented Serge himself. - Distance relationship - it's monstrous meal. Читать полностью -->

Over Serge outraged local hooligans

Over Serge outraged local hooligansFlamboyant rapper Serega shocked guests private party, held last night in one of the elite clubs in Kiev, when in the midst of the celebration are literally tumbled into the hall covered in bruises.The artist came back all banged up accompanied by a black women and a bodyguard. Curiously, the guard dragged the girl with him.RazgulayOn this night, in a closed club, where mere mortals sign no had a party in the style of famous Latinos Ukrainian politics.Pushed the high-level crowd, the singer and his entourage climbed into the alcove and ordered many alcoholic drinks for themselves and their wards that they were soon filled the entire table. Quickly intoxicated, African-American, which came with the rapper, climbed on the counter and made catchy Latin dance, not forgetting in between lighting up his cigar. With Serega girl he met yesterday at one of the parties in Kiev - the Negro takes the Cuban songs in different drinking bouts.SergeDespite almost thirty-degree heat, Serge came in a stuffy room club in warm black pants, black shirt and a black cloak, which caused considerable surprise among others. All chalked it up to the peculiar style of rapper. It was noticeable that the singer, as they say, not yourself. Читать полностью -->

Famous radio host is accused of raping student

Famous radio host is accused of raping studentA leading broadcasting company BBC is suspected rape of a student with whom he accidentally met on new year's eve party. The accused allegedly lured the victim's house collection of paintings and drugged her with sleeping pills.In the court of great Britain 47-year-old Nigel Rench accused of sexual harassment and rape of the student newspaper the Times. The ranch is also a suspect in the use of sleeping pills temazepam for the purpose of bringing man into a helpless state for forced sexual intercourse.The rapist and his future victim had met the night before new year's eve party December 31, 2006. After a joint lunch, the men went on holiday together. Student radio host asked about his career, and that piqued his interest, promising to participate in one of his radio shows on BBC 4.Then the host invited the young man to sniff cocaine in the toilet. After that, the rench tried to join with a friend in sex, but he refused.Around 4 a.m., when the party drew to a close, the young man agreed to a proposal from the Rench to go to his home to view his collection of paintings.At the trial the Prosecutor Constance Briscoe insisted that the rench planned the crime, knowingly opou his victim sleeping pills.As was said to the jury, the behavior of Rench caused concern to the student, however, he hastened to lull his vigilance. Читать полностью -->

Beckham will play a hundred games for England

Beckham will play a hundred games for EnglandIn the case of entering the field in a friendly game with France David Beckham, for the first time invited to the England squad by new coach Fabio Capello, will hold on March 26 in Paris his hundredth match for the national team.In his first match at the head of the English national team in January this year in which the British 2:1 beat at Wembley Swiss, Capello Beckham was not invited. The coach then explained its decision not enough good physical form of the player. However, with the beginning of the season in MLS, where the midfielder stands for "Los Angeles galaxy, David got into the national team.Beckham could become the fifth player in history who played for England 100 matches. At the moment it can only boast of Bobby Charlton, Peter Shilton, Bobby Moore and Billy Wright.As reported again in the ranks of the captain of "Chelsea" John Terry and blue midfielder Frank Lampard who missed the game with the Swiss because of injuries.The British, who did not make it to the final stage of EURO 2008, in the first qualifying match of the 2010 world Cup in September will play against Andorra. Source: Beckham will play hundredth match for England. . Читать полностью -->

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