Wife Khabensky was discharged from the clinic, USA

Wife Khabensky was discharged from the clinic, USARefusing surgery, She moved to a hotel near the hospitalAnastasia Khabensky refused another operation and left the hospital, "cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.Nastia moved to a hotel near the hospital, and now appears in the Oncology Department only to undergo necessary procedures.Apparently, the reason for the relocation to the hotel was a very high cost of treatment in U.S. hospitals - one day in "cedars-Sinai" costs $1500. And two months Khabensky spent in the U.S., according to conservative estimates, has already cost her family in almost a million dollars.FailureAmerican doctors who had another full survey of the Russian patient, continue to insist on the need for urgent surgery. Their tomography showed that the recent sharp deterioration Khabensky due to increased size of brain tumor. However, from the operation Anastasia refused flatly.- I still want to see his son, said doctors woman. - So let's find another way of treatment. Читать полностью -->

Orbakaite lost my voice

Orbakaite lost my voice"Hi," modestly began its concert in Samara Orbakajte, but not in time to sing one verse of the first song, as coughed. The audience joyfully whispered: "Live singing sound".There's a small Forsmark, Christina coughed when he tried to continue. Had the singer to ask to have the music stopped.- No, guys, so it will not work, - a hoarse voice she said. - Give me that butter something or at least tea.It turns out that the singer lost her voice and couldn't speak on the train. In Samara a few hours before the concert was a question about canceling performances. Christina called the brigade of "first aid", and the specialists half a day trying to restore the voice. Читать полностью -->

Bachinsky found guilty in road accident

Bachinsky found guilty in road accidentFour months later after the accident killed known television and radio host, the experts made the final verdict. The court declared Gennady Bachinsky guilty in an accident, case closed.From the very beginning has been many versions of this tragedy. One of them, the accident involved a third vehicle, which pushed the car Bachynsky into the oncoming lane. Evidence the proponents of this hypothesis were few: only the bumper cars Gennady with traces of red paint.The case was suspended until April 15. As reported "Interfax", the investigation of this criminal case was completed on Tuesday in the Department of internal Affairs of the Tver region.The accident, which killed a journalist, occurred through his fault. Gennady Bachinsky not lost control of the car, the car left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced with a moving passenger van", - said in the Department of internal Affairs.Also in the Department of internal Affairs said that the decision taken on the basis of the number of examinations carried out: technical, technical, chemical, forensic, several forensic (in respect of those killed and injured in the accident), as well as the expertise of car wheels Bachynsky."Took into account the testimony of witnesses and participants of a car accident. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney cast his actor career for the sake of sport

George Clooney cast his actor career for the sake of sportA child of Hollywood actor George Clooney's dream was to become a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds team of the highest League of Ohio.Recently Peter Guber, producer and owner of team Dayton Dragons of the Junior League of Ohio, said he was willing to give George Clooney a place in his team."We are ready to give Clooney a place in the team at any time, whenever he wants," - said in an interview with channel Shootout Peter Guber.Not so long ago, Clooney said that he is tired in his career. Maybe he will change the profession of the actor into a career as a baseball player. Source: George Clooney cast his actor career for the sake of sport. . . . Читать полностью -->

Verka Serduchka collects last year's awards

Verka Serduchka collects last year's awards While fans and fans of "Contest" preparing for the festival in Belgrade, Verka Serduchka collects awards that do not have time for gastralia last year.Actor Andrey Danilko, embodies on stage Garenne Ukrainian girls, received from the organizers of "Eurovision-2007" in Finland award, Press Award Eurovision Song Contest. The audience award is a crystal blue heart.Verka Serduchka, as journalists found out, gave at the international contest "Eurovision-2007" the largest number of press conferences. As calculated, only the artist has collected 490 cameras and gave 20 interviews a day.Personally Verka Serduchka prize can not get, so the "Blue heart" is sent to the artist by mail. Not Verka Serduchka and among the guests of the festival "Eurovision-2008". As previously reported, the organizers sent to Andrey Danilko the invitation, but refused to pay for the stay in Belgrade. Verka Serduchka was outraged by such unfriendly behavior and addressed the organizers of the festival a couple of unkind words.Meanwhile more and more popular in European discos is a new hit Verka "Before. Читать полностью -->

Famous girls give gifts on February 23

Famous girls give gifts on February 23February 23, perhaps the most controversial holiday in our calendar. A debate on the topic, whose holiday and holiday, if any, conducted since the mid 80-ies.Days.Ru decided to participate in this historic dispute and asked the girls what they think about this day.Madonna, singer:"February 23 is the real holiday for me! It is an occasion to spend the day with the beloved man. I believe that a Real man is not always a soldier, but because the 23rd of February is a holiday for those, and for others. If someone asked me to draw a portrait of the perfect man, the first thing I would draw attention to the physique. I want to make, from oblivion back the cult of the body, especially to the man. But beer bellies are gone. Читать полностью -->

Preparing for the staging of the first Orthodox musical

Preparing for the staging of the first Orthodox musicalThe premiere of the first Orthodox musical "the miracle worker", dedicated to St. Seraphim of Sarov, can be held in the summer of 2008.This was announced today by the Agency "Interfax" in suburban St-Alexis gymnasium, preparing for the show.Poet and composer Vladimir bulyukin and Opera singer Vyacheslav Anisimov prepared the script and assembled a band for a production of the musical, which was based on the musical poem "Saint Seraphim of Sarov the Wonderworker"."The aim of preserving and preaching the spiritual heritage of the great Russian Saint. Through this form, as a musical, the narrative is accessible to the widest possible audience. In the musical through the biography of St. Seraphim emerges the beauty and depth of the Orthodox faith," - said the Agency interlocutor.Premiere of the musical was planned to coincide with the feast day of St. Seraphim of 1 August. Читать полностью -->

Financial fraud Kirkorov

Financial fraud KirkorovA scandal erupted in Israel after into the hands of tax officials in tel Aviv have got the documents reveal shocking financial machinations of Philip Kirkorov.The transaction which was done 40 years of pop king of Russian pop music while on tour in Israel, just could not leave indifferent the local authorities.As it became known "TD", people's artist of Russia concluded with the organizers of the tour in Israel, which took place in August last year, two contracts. It turned out that in the documents discovered by the tax service tel Aviv, not the same fees by artist: first artist and his team received 24 thousand dollars, while in the other document was sealed completely different amount of 180 thousand dollars. And that is about the existence of the second informal contract, the tax authorities of the state of Israel is not suspected. By simple arithmetic calculations, you can figure out what directly into the pocket of Philip Bedrosovich could take no less than 156 thousand dollars - more than 3.5 million rubles.The contractAs found "TD", for summer 2007 concerts in three cities in Israel - Ashkelon, tel Aviv and Haifa - firm people's favorite LLC Philip Kirkorov Production" has signed a contract with the Israeli company A. D. R. Читать полностью -->

The ceremony `MTV movie awards Russia 2008` will hold Paris Hilton

The ceremony `MTV movie awards Russia 2008` will hold Paris HiltonParis Hilton will become the leading awards ceremony "MTV movie awards Russia 2008" for the brightest achievements in the film industry, which will be held in Moscow on April 17, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the TV channel MTV."This year the ceremony will be held in the cinema "Pushkin" and will be broadcast by MTV channel live. One of the leading show will be the American socialite, actress and writer - Paris Hilton", - said the Agency interlocutor.Leading last year's awards ceremony "MTV movie awards 2007" best remembered for the controversial incident when a famous film Director Vladimir Menshov has refused to award the prize in the nomination "the Best film" the film "Bastards", was actress and model Pamela Anderson.Award "MTV movie awards Russia", which is the prototype of the world famous MTV Movie Awards, awarded for the third time. The fate of the films and actors nominated for awards do not well-deserved criticism, but the viewers themselves.Preparations for the third ceremony was held in an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. The organizers and the writers created for the MTV viewers of the gala show, which will be attended by stars of Russian and foreign show business, famous actors, Directors, TV personalities and culture.The names of the nominees will be known at a press conference on 18 March and on the night of March 19, start free the public vote on the website kino.mtv.ru. Source: the Ceremony "MTV movie awards Russia 2008" will Paris Hilton. . Читать полностью -->

Deep Purple and Tina Turner will perform for `Gazprom`

Deep Purple and Tina Turner will perform for `Gazprom`The legendary band Deep Purple, as well as singer Tina Turner performs on the 11th of February at a private concert in the Kremlin for the management of the gas company "Gazprom".In addition to the international stars, an elite audience will please the Russian singers Alla Pugacheva, Alexander Rosenbaum, Dmitri Hvorostovsky and others. As expected, the concert will be broadcast on the First channel, when exactly is unknown.At a gala concert in honor of the 15th anniversary of the gas giant going President Vladimir Putin and his successor Dmitry Medvedev, as well as about 6 thousand officially invited guests, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets. Earlier it was reported that the performance of Deep Purple will be a gift personally to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom's Medvedev, who has repeatedly admitted that it was his favorite band.70-year-old Tina Turner, who returned after a long hiatus on stage at the ceremony of Grammy awards, where she performed a duet with Beyonce, possibly this time it will be together with the diva Alla Pugacheva. Turner visited Moscow only once, in 1996, as part of the last world tour.The band Deep Purple was planning to fly to Moscow on the night of Monday, and Tina Turner on the day of the concert. Stop stars in "Balchug" where they ordered presidential Suite. According to hotel employees, no special requirements on the celebrity has not yet been received. Читать полностью -->

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