Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state Duma

Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state DumaOn the eve of today's anniversary celebration - thousand - meetings of the state Duma, the lower house of Parliament on the scandal.The Deputy of the state Duma of four convocations of the national actor of the USSR Joseph Kobzon was offended by the Chairman of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov for the fact that his name did not hit the list of parliamentarians who will be awarded state awards on the occasion of the anniversary.This neglect of his merits had wronged four times MP and famous artist to the core, writes: "LIFE.Ru"."These greetings are of a private nature. The lists were prepared by Gryzlov and his team. I say this not from personal ambition. However, I'm one of the few who was elected to the state Duma for the fourth time with a huge percentage of those who voted, however, in the list I do not appear, - the Deputy told. - I asked one of the leaders of our party Artur Chilingarov, by what criteria did you select candidates for awards, if I, four times elected Deputy, was not even in the lists of marked? He replied that, they say, he is nothing, and made lists of the chamber's leadership. Perhaps the fact that I voted against the head of the chamber Boris Gryzlov," suggested Kobzon.As a result, the singer refused to speak at today's Grand reception-concert on the occasion of the anniversary in the Kremlin and even ponders whether to go there at all."All "chanter" deputies suggested to act in the Kremlin. Читать полностью -->

Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow

Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow The famous film Director Emir Kusturica got into a fight in the heart of the Russian capital. Coming from one of the pompous Moscow restaurants, the Yugoslav Director witnessed a fierce scuffle with two photographers.Men violently out, riding on the pavement, and stood around dumbfounded colleagues fighting and tried to soothe fighters.After the last visit to Russia in June 2007, when the closing ceremony of the Moscow international film festival 54 year old Emir Kusturica showed how one can drink hot Serbian guys from the eminent Director waited for anything. And wait - "Balkan Fellini" found something to surprise the Russians.At the presentation of a new brand of luxury watches, which took place in one of Central Moscow's restaurants, Amir acted as a vocal soloist. The concert was a great success, but on leaving the institution Kusturica made much more interesting - he began to separate the two Metropolitan paparazzi, who staged a bloody brawl in the center of the city.Running to hot with the fight guys, the Emir personally decided to separate them. The generosity of overseas Director was enthusiastic other witnesses to the brawl. Kusturica (not without the help of security guards pried the two apart.- Is everything all right? asked Kusturica English victim of the paparazzi after the end of the street fighting. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton is looking for a loyal friend

Paris Hilton is looking for a loyal friendSocialite Paris Hilton is back on TV screens with a new reality show. "The show will focus on her search for a new best friend.Paris is tired of the haters and looking for someone new, someone she can trust," he told Us magazine informed source.The project, which is not yet named, will be released on MTV or VH1 and will be the second to Paris. Her first reality show Simple Life which she led with Nicole Richie, ran from 2003 to 2007."In the new show, people will see a side of Paris that they had not seen in Simple Life," says the source.Meanwhile, there were rumors that Paris Hilton is now Dating anyone else as a twin brother Joel Madden, beloved Nicole Richie and the father of her child. Benji Madden and Paris were seen together last Thursday in first club Villa. "She (Paris), only looked at Benji. At some point she came up to him and passionately kissed. Читать полностью -->

Nicole Richie showed my baby

Nicole Richie showed my baby People magazine continues the good tradition, and publishes another photo shoot of one of the star kids.At this time, "baby cover" became a baby Harlow, daughter of Nicole Richie and her boyfriend, a member of pop punk band Good Charlotte Joel Madden.In an interview with the star, along with Joel spoke about how the birth of his daughter changed their lives.26-year-old socialite and member of the reality show "the Simple life" Nicole Richie became a mother on January 11. Happy parents have named a daughter Harlow winter Kate Madden (Harlow Winter Kate Madden)."She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose," says Nicole.She believed that the child became her salvation and was given her at the right time, at the most, when she finally caught in life, didn't see it and went on a bad track.Stepfather of Nicole, a famous musician Lionel Richie, also believes that if Nicole is not pregnant, her life could end in tragedy. We will remind, the girl was treated for alcohol and drug addiction, as well as anorexic.Now Richie received a tempting offer to play in the Broadway musical "Chicago". She was invited for the role of Roxie HART. Nicole the proposal was delighted, but not yet decided whether to give consent.Richie's not sure if she'll be able to combine the care of newborn daughter and work in new York."She is so sensitive, a lot of what I would like I don't eat, I'm afraid to hurt my daughter.I can only afford soup, some noodles, vegetables, fish soup. I had to exclude from your diet milk, tomatoes and lettuce. Читать полностью -->

Shakira: the sex symbol of the era

Shakira: the sex symbol of the era Shakira captivated the hearts of millions of teenagers in America and Europe.Its Frank songs and indecent gestures influenced the audience like the explosion of a small nuclear bomb. Shakira is undoubtedly extra sexy and extra-talented girl! Source: Shakira: the sex symbol of the era (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears resting on the Pacific ocean

Britney Spears resting on the Pacific ocean Last week in the Western press, one after another appeared pictures of Britney Spears with the rounded belly. This week, the trends have changed.Hints at possible pregnancy stars no longer observed. But now Newspapers depict a fabulous rest of the former pop Princess on the ranch of actor Mel Gibson, and its shape is called almost perfect.According to Daily Mail, "Britney looks toned and healthy in my bikini". We will remind, last week the 26-year-old singer along with her father Jamie Spears went to stay at the ranch Hollywood star Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn in Costa Rica.Mel Gibson and Britney Spears became friends in Malibu when we lived close to each other. They say that Gibson plans to introduce the singer to practice in his group, which aims to help people overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. Note that the artist himself had at one time also had problems because of his bad habits.Activities clearly went Britney Spears on good. Читать полностью -->

Early Nude pictures Heather mills

Early Nude pictures Heather mills The newspaper News of the World published vintage photos ex-wife of Paul McCartney. The pictures were taken in 1999.Heather mills (Heather Mills) has not only explosive, but also enviable courage. Some photos on ex-wife of the famous musician in addition to handbags, shoes, artificial limb and ornaments do not. And several - not even a denture.Heather mills was naked in front of cameras before. And much skandalny. Just in the midst of a divorce case with sir Paul McCartney popped pornofoto with the participation of Heather mills. Читать полностью -->

Bilan won a lawsuit against the heirs ayzenshpisa

Bilan won a lawsuit against the heirs ayzenshpisaDima Bilan appeared every reason to act in Eurovision with a great mood. Yesterday the Presidium of the Moscow city court returned him the right to perform old hits, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets".Last year, the music company "S. B. A. music publishing" has addressed with the claim in Khoroshevsky court against the company "soyuzkontsert". The fact that Dima Bilan is working with "S. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `VIA gra` had been expelled for truancy

The soloist `VIA gra` had been expelled for truancySeductive Meseda Bagaudinova, the soloist of group "VIA Gra", excluded from GITIS for absenteeism.After joining the famous orchestra Meseda no longer appears in the walls of the famous school. She is not able to combine training and touring schedule. The artist, who studied in the third year, hinted that if she did not attend classes, it is better to write a statement and leave.- Meseda had to take a sabbatical due to the very tight schedule of the tour group, commented "Z" producer group Dmitry Kostyuk. - Such a move was inevitable, because studies at GITIS and work in our schedule are incompatible.InstituteWe had not seen, Meseda abandoned his studies and classes anymore, said "Z" former classmates artist.As we found out the Dean of the acting Department of GITIS, the leadership of the Institute will be pleased to see the Meseda, but to continue her studies she had to abandon the work in the group "VIA Gra".- We have daily classes and pass them, all the more so often, is simply inexcusable. So we had to temporarily deduct Bagaudinova third year, - said the Dean's office. - Want to come home, please. Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Myskina became a mother

Anastasia Myskina became a motherFamous Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina on Monday night became a mother, writes MK.The long-awaited first-born athletes were born in Metropolitan perinatal Medical centre. Anastasia coped with childbirth itself, the boy was born with good parameters weight 3.6 kg, height 54 cm they Say that boy's going to call Eugene.She is now the child is in a posh apartment postnatal clinic. Feel and mother, and a newborn perfectly. Anastasia welcomes guests and barely manages to respond to numerous calls on a cellular phone.On the phone became a grandmother, mother, sportswoman Galina said, "Thank you for the congratulations on the birth of a grandson, I am very happy, especially since the baby was born on a beautiful day in Easter week, is a joyous occasion for all of us. Anastasia and the boy feel very good, we all are preparing for their discharge.". . Читать полностью -->

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