The British Queen has cancelled diamond wedding

The British Queen has cancelled diamond weddingThe British Queen has cancelled the celebration of the diamond wedding, because he deemed it "inappropriate" to arrange a pompous ceremony, while the country is entering a phase of economic recession, reports the Daily Mail on March 30.The Queen was going to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the marriage of the Duke of Edinburgh in the company of their children and 60 close friends. The reception was to be held this weekend at the hotel "Ritz", but given the worsening economic situation in the UK and the banking crisis Queen has decided to withdraw from the event.According to the newspaper's source close to the Royal person, the Queen has decided to cancel the celebration due to the fact that the country is about to enter into a stage of serious recession".Such a reminder of the severe economic conditions facing the UK, can create tension in the relationship between the Queen and Prime Minister Gordon brown, according to the newspaper.We will remind that on March 19 the Ministry of Finance of great Britain, said that the global financial crisis will have an impact on the economy for at least another year. Source: British Queen has cancelled diamond wedding. . . . Читать полностью -->

On the anniversary of Valery Gergiev will be the star of a world scale

On the anniversary of Valery Gergiev will be the star of a world scaleMaestro Valery Gergiev on the day of his 55th birthday will gather global stars at a charity gala concert in the Great hall of the Conservatory, told RIA Novosti in the press center of the Moscow Easter festival, which will take place the presentation.To perform with the Mariinsky theatre orchestra under the baton of the celebrant will be the well-known Russian musicians - violinist Vadim Repin and violist Yuri Bashmet, and the world-famous Opera singers Anna Netrebko, Vladimir Galuzin and Olga Borodina.The last took place as performers in the walls of the Mariinsky theatre, artistic Director and Director is Maestro Gergiev.All proceeds from the concert and the services of the artists, according to their decision, will be used to support the school system and music education in Vladikavkaz. In this city, formerly Ordzhonikidze, rose Gergiev himself.The concert will be the symphonic programme VII Moscow Easter festival, the initiator and Director since 2002, is also the hero of the day.This year at the Mariinsky theatre celebrates several anniversaries: 225-th theatrical season, the 55th anniversary of Valery Gergiev, the 30th anniversary of his joining the Mariinsky theatre and the 20 years since, as he headed it.World-renowned conductor born 2 may 1953 in Moscow, has long lived in North Ossetia and graduated from the Leningrad Conservatoire.Today, Gergiev works with famous orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, Royal Philharmonic orchestra (UK), national orchestra of France, the orchestra of the Swedish radio Symphony orchestras of San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Minnesota, Montreal, Birmingham and many others.From January 1, 2007, he officially became chief conductor of the London Symphony orchestra.People's artist of Russia Valery Gergiev has in its Arsenal than a dozen awards and titles. Source: On the anniversary of Valery Gergiev will be the star of a world scale. . . . Читать полностью -->

Natasha Koroleva weeks eating boiled vegetables

Natasha Koroleva weeks eating boiled vegetablesFashion for skinny models went. On the catwalks began to appear girls with feminine forms. And Russian actress and singer is now more and more are shot in all kinds of commercials and walking the runway during fashion weeks.Although they follow different diets and strive for a healthy lifestyle, shape them remain outstanding and very feminine. And some of the stars are not ashamed to appear on the pages of glossy magazines to showcase their beauty.Madonna admits that, like many other women, she has to monitor their weight. She appealed to many nutritionists, including well-known specialists from London, who prescribed her three days of fasting in the month, after a week she had to eat only boiled vegetables.Sexy Anna Semenovich, the former soloist of group "Shining", no doubt. She has twice appeared on the cover of MAXIM magazine. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears is suffering from split personality

Britney Spears is suffering from split personalityA source close to Britney Spears, says that the mental problems of the singer go further diagnosis "manic-depressive" in medical card.They say that Britney's split, if not the reproduction of the individual.The Spears'm sure she's British, and starts speaking with a British accent, crybaby, diva, Louisiana plain.They say that during the scene with the refusal to give the children more on Britney just found the arrival of the British, and now she doesn't even remember that that night happened.The motherhood remains with children (who will give the boys or Napoleon, or Queen?), all of the state Britney Spears gets her younger sister is expecting her first child and the singer in a straitjacket and with a blissful smile occasionally glimpsed in the news on the UHF channels, rest possible picture portal For KiВ©V. Source: Britney Spears is suffering from split personality. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Established an award named after Kirill Lavrov

Established an award named after Kirill LavrovBest Russian theatres, working abroad, 2008, will receive the award in the name of Kirill Lavrov.About the initiative announced by the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko at the opening of the theatre festival "Meetings in Russia", reports "Interfax".The tenth festival "Meetings in Russia", which attracts Russian companies from CIS countries, Baltic States and far abroad, in 2008, entirely dedicated to the memory of Kirill Lavrov: in his honor, held a charity concert, an exhibition, the expected minoritariev and special evening about the Kiev theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka, where Lavrov began their journey.The forum, which opened on the evening of April 2, runs until April 11 at the theatre "Baltic house". Source: Established an award named after Kirill Lavrov. . . . Читать полностью -->

Beyonce married rapper Jay-Z

Beyonce married rapper Jay-Z26-year-old singer Beyonce and 38-year-old rapper Jay-Z on Friday got married at a private ceremony in new York."It happened in the evening. Jay wanted it to be truly a family event," he told People magazine informed source.After the ceremony the apartments rapper in Manhattan followed by a dinner, at which, among others, were present mom Beyonce - Tina Noles, her father and Manager Mathew, her sister Solange and former colleagues in the group Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and friend of the lovers Gwyneth Paltrow.On Friday morning, workers set the roof of the building where Jay-Z's penthouse, white tent. Soon after the car arrived the decoration for the wedding, including chandeliers and about 50 thousand white orchids that are specially ordered from Thailand. Music at the event was provided by DJ Cassidy. The guests began to gather at 19:00.According to witnesses, the party was long, and the music was blaring until half four in the morning.Incidentally, Jay-Z and Beyonce literally "crazy" on the number "4", and therefore were married on 4 April. The birthday Beyonce - 4 September, Jay-Z - December 4th. Читать полностью -->

Magazine Hustler published Nude photos of Nancy Benoit

Magazine Hustler published Nude photos of Nancy BenoitIn the March issue of Hustler magazine published Nude photos of Nancy Benoit, who was strangled by her husband-wrestler.Sharing photos has become possible after judge Thomas thrush rejected the request of the mother of the murdered woman on the imposition of a temporary ban on the publication of photographs made by mark Samanski a quarter of a century ago, reports AOL LLC.The judge's decision is due by the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution, according to which the principle of freedom of expression cannot be broken. The Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has demonstrated that the right to freedom of information applies to him, too, although a huge number of Americans considers such publication occurring on the background of the tragic death of Nancy, bad taste.The lawyer LFP publishing holding, which prints the magazine Hustler, took the judge's decision with satisfaction. "You can't stop it if it's already been published", - quotes the words of the defender of Fairfax New Zealand.Candid photos taken when Nancy was only 19 years old and she was just starting her modeling career. Still not clear and the origin of the photos that somehow got into the editor of Hustler. This is especially strange because the first husband of Nancy insisted that all copies of the scandalous photos were destroyed.Recall that in June 2007, Chris Benoit murdered his 43-year-old wife and then strangled his seven-year-old hanged herself.The body of Nancy, who had contacted the police with complaints of violence by husband, police found living in homes in the city of Fitwell, where the tragedy occurred. Читать полностью -->

Plushenko divorced his wife, leaving the apartment itself

Plushenko divorced his wife, leaving the apartment itselfFamous Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko will meet Valentine's Day again free, unmarried. In Primorsky district court of St. Petersburg closed the case on his divorce with Maria Ermak.As writes "MK", a process that lasted more than a year, exhausted both spouses.Stumbling blocks in the divorce was the surname of his son Egor and the apartment that Plushenko presented to the President. On the first question the wife showed inexorability, and the little Egor instead of Plushenko in the metric became the Yermak. The representative of the family Ermak hinted lawyer skater, what if Eugene would be stubborn about a son, a divorce he doesn't get at least another year. This Eugene afford could not - have skater already has a new passion, and from the protracted divorce the girl is not happy.3-room apartment in a prestigious complex on Krestovsky island, presented to him by the President after the Turin Olympics, Plushenko to exchange flatly refused. Читать полностью -->

Emma Watson will receive $21 million on 18th birthday

Emma Watson will receive $21 million on 18th birthday The actress will have to undergo financial management before they get their state. $ 21 million worth of Emma Watson after 8-year-old play in the movie the role of Hermione.Emma Watson celebrated her 18th birthday surrounded by family, friends and colleagues in the movies about Harry Potter, writes Daily Mail.Tom Felton, who plays villain the DanCo Malfoy, came as always with dyed platinum hair color, was also Evanna Lynch, aka Luna Lovegood, and Katie, Leung, who plays Cho.Only two people, the lack of which was evident at the celebration in a London restaurant Automat, have been best friends Emma's on-screen - Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, according to ФактNews.The night Emma had collected so many gifts that her father barely able to get home from the restaurant to the actress in Oxfordshire. The celebration ended with a fifth a night that has become a rarity for Watson, who prefers to go to bed early to look good on set.Emma, whose contract with Warner Brothers has the item "on good behavior", last week was not allowed to go to a concert MySpace Beyond The Rave with her boyfriend Jay Barrymore.However, Watson should not be upset. Now, when she turned 18, she got access to his estate, estimated at 21 million dollars. This enormous sum has accumulated more than eight years, she plays Hermione. For the last film about Harry Potter she is rumored, will pay 5 million dollars.Money entrusted her only after she agreed to undergo financial management, created specifically for millionaires. Читать полностью -->

Muscovites have honored the memory of Ilyas Shurpaev

Muscovites have honored the memory of Ilyas ShurpaevSeveral dozen people gathered on Saturday at the television centre "Ostankino" in Moscow to honour the memory of the killed in the night of Friday the correspondent of the First channel Ilyas Shurpaev.This was reported by RIA "Novosti", the event organizer, the Moscow journalist Emilia Casanova."Gathered in Moscow and non-Moscow-based journalists, all those who want to honor the memory of Ilyas Shurpaev. Many of them knew Ilyas personally, but saw him stories or read his blogs," - said the Agency interlocutor.Ilyas Suraev, who began her journalistic career in Dagestan, and then became a reporter for channel one, was killed on the night of March 21. The body of the reporter with traces of violent death was found in an apartment he rented the last two weeks in the North-East of Moscow. According to preliminary data, killing Shurpaev are domestic in nature, but could be due to professional activities.According to Casanovas, "Ostankino" gathered, mostly journalists - the natives of Dagestan. To commemorate the countryman came and members of KVN team "Makhachkala tramps".Casanova noted that participants do not plan to hold a rally. "People just want to lay flowers, hug each other and Express each other condolences," said she.The interlocutor of Agency added that the organizers encouraged everyone to come to the telecentre through messages in the "Live journal" and other popular Internet sites.One of the participants lamented in an interview with RIA Novosti that colleagues from "Ostankino" has not yet established near telecentre photograph Shurpaev to which those interested could lay flowers."With us there is a staff of the First channel. Читать полностью -->

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