The soloist `VIA gra` had been expelled for truancy

The soloist `VIA gra` had been expelled for truancySeductive Meseda Bagaudinova, the soloist of group "VIA Gra", excluded from GITIS for absenteeism.After joining the famous orchestra Meseda no longer appears in the walls of the famous school. She is not able to combine training and touring schedule. The artist, who studied in the third year, hinted that if she did not attend classes, it is better to write a statement and leave.- Meseda had to take a sabbatical due to the very tight schedule of the tour group, commented "Z" producer group Dmitry Kostyuk. - Such a move was inevitable, because studies at GITIS and work in our schedule are incompatible.InstituteWe had not seen, Meseda abandoned his studies and classes anymore, said "Z" former classmates artist.As we found out the Dean of the acting Department of GITIS, the leadership of the Institute will be pleased to see the Meseda, but to continue her studies she had to abandon the work in the group "VIA Gra".- We have daily classes and pass them, all the more so often, is simply inexcusable. So we had to temporarily deduct Bagaudinova third year, - said the Dean's office. - Want to come home, please. Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Myskina became a mother

Anastasia Myskina became a motherFamous Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina on Monday night became a mother, writes MK.The long-awaited first-born athletes were born in Metropolitan perinatal Medical centre. Anastasia coped with childbirth itself, the boy was born with good parameters weight 3.6 kg, height 54 cm they Say that boy's going to call Eugene.She is now the child is in a posh apartment postnatal clinic. Feel and mother, and a newborn perfectly. Anastasia welcomes guests and barely manages to respond to numerous calls on a cellular phone.On the phone became a grandmother, mother, sportswoman Galina said, "Thank you for the congratulations on the birth of a grandson, I am very happy, especially since the baby was born on a beautiful day in Easter week, is a joyous occasion for all of us. Anastasia and the boy feel very good, we all are preparing for their discharge.". . Читать полностью -->

Wife Khabensky was discharged from the clinic, USA

Wife Khabensky was discharged from the clinic, USARefusing surgery, She moved to a hotel near the hospitalAnastasia Khabensky refused another operation and left the hospital, "cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.Nastia moved to a hotel near the hospital, and now appears in the Oncology Department only to undergo necessary procedures.Apparently, the reason for the relocation to the hotel was a very high cost of treatment in U.S. hospitals - one day in "cedars-Sinai" costs $1500. And two months Khabensky spent in the U.S., according to conservative estimates, has already cost her family in almost a million dollars.FailureAmerican doctors who had another full survey of the Russian patient, continue to insist on the need for urgent surgery. Their tomography showed that the recent sharp deterioration Khabensky due to increased size of brain tumor. However, from the operation Anastasia refused flatly.- I still want to see his son, said doctors woman. - So let's find another way of treatment. Читать полностью -->

Orbakaite lost my voice

Orbakaite lost my voice"Hi," modestly began its concert in Samara Orbakajte, but not in time to sing one verse of the first song, as coughed. The audience joyfully whispered: "Live singing sound".There's a small Forsmark, Christina coughed when he tried to continue. Had the singer to ask to have the music stopped.- No, guys, so it will not work, - a hoarse voice she said. - Give me that butter something or at least tea.It turns out that the singer lost her voice and couldn't speak on the train. In Samara a few hours before the concert was a question about canceling performances. Christina called the brigade of "first aid", and the specialists half a day trying to restore the voice. Читать полностью -->

Bachinsky found guilty in road accident

Bachinsky found guilty in road accidentFour months later after the accident killed known television and radio host, the experts made the final verdict. The court declared Gennady Bachinsky guilty in an accident, case closed.From the very beginning has been many versions of this tragedy. One of them, the accident involved a third vehicle, which pushed the car Bachynsky into the oncoming lane. Evidence the proponents of this hypothesis were few: only the bumper cars Gennady with traces of red paint.The case was suspended until April 15. As reported "Interfax", the investigation of this criminal case was completed on Tuesday in the Department of internal Affairs of the Tver region.The accident, which killed a journalist, occurred through his fault. Gennady Bachinsky not lost control of the car, the car left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced with a moving passenger van", - said in the Department of internal Affairs.Also in the Department of internal Affairs said that the decision taken on the basis of the number of examinations carried out: technical, technical, chemical, forensic, several forensic (in respect of those killed and injured in the accident), as well as the expertise of car wheels Bachynsky."Took into account the testimony of witnesses and participants of a car accident. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney cast his actor career for the sake of sport

George Clooney cast his actor career for the sake of sportA child of Hollywood actor George Clooney's dream was to become a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds team of the highest League of Ohio.Recently Peter Guber, producer and owner of team Dayton Dragons of the Junior League of Ohio, said he was willing to give George Clooney a place in his team."We are ready to give Clooney a place in the team at any time, whenever he wants," - said in an interview with channel Shootout Peter Guber.Not so long ago, Clooney said that he is tired in his career. Maybe he will change the profession of the actor into a career as a baseball player. Source: George Clooney cast his actor career for the sake of sport. . . . Читать полностью -->

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