Role Zhanna Friske gave Anfisa Chekhova

Role Zhanna Friske gave Anfisa ChekhovaAnfisa Chekhova will replace Jeanne Friske on the set of the popular TV series "Happy together". The singer readily agreed to the proposal, but was unable to find time in your busy schedule. So the producers gave the role less busy Anfisa Chekhova.The new season of the series started on channel TNT 1 April and brought many changes in the lives of the main characters. So, in the new series Dora and Gene decide to divorce, and their children, in turn, will want to become adults: Roma are going to marry, and will want to marry. On a visit to Lena a piece of Wood coming singer. The star performed Anfisa Chekhova, according to the plan of the writers who are unable to live in a hotel and stayed at Lena, a Bank employee, a corporate party and she came.Anfisa Chekhova not just settle with neighbors Bukin, but also make friends with the main character. Читать полностью -->

The full video of Scarlett Johansson

The full video of Scarlett Johansson We already have a little listen to the song Scarlett Johansson - and now the full video for the song "Falling Down". What is interesting in the video?In the beginning it is shown how from a young Scarlett doing a star: how to paint, makeup, manicure - all. Very informative.Source: the Full video of Scarlett Johansson (video). . . . Читать полностью -->

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder were spooning

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder were spooningAccording to rumors, Hollywood is formed another celebrity couple. The whole crew of the film "the private life of Pippa Lee" ("The Private Lives of Pippa Lee") now watching the romance between Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.According to the magazine "Star", the actors are constantly together, spend a lot of time alone in the trailers to each other, go on the ground in an embrace. As the source told the publication that he felt between them "electric charge". In addition, it became known that during a recent break from filming Winona and Keanu together went to new York and noble Reeves offered a "colleague" to stay in his apartment.The novel began as recently as April, when the tragicomedy was put into production. In addition to Reeves and Ryder in the film also starred Monica Bellucci, Robin Wright Penn, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Alan Arkin, Julianne Moore. Source: Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder were spooning. Читать полностью -->

Family trouble Nikolai Baskov

Family trouble Nikolai BaskovSinger Nikolay Baskov after the divorce with his wife Svetlana Spiegel in no hurry to rush into a new relationship. And although the artist was thought to have an affair with a certain Anastasia, he says: now he cares very different.It turns out that Nicholas seriously ill mother. "I only want one thing - to be recovered to my mother, who's not been feeling well," said the artist. Is for me now the most important question. Wish her good health. And I want to say that I love her very much and want this beautiful woman was happy. Читать полностью -->

Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state Duma

Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state DumaOn the eve of today's anniversary celebration - thousand - meetings of the state Duma, the lower house of Parliament on the scandal.The Deputy of the state Duma of four convocations of the national actor of the USSR Joseph Kobzon was offended by the Chairman of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov for the fact that his name did not hit the list of parliamentarians who will be awarded state awards on the occasion of the anniversary.This neglect of his merits had wronged four times MP and famous artist to the core, writes: "LIFE.Ru"."These greetings are of a private nature. The lists were prepared by Gryzlov and his team. I say this not from personal ambition. However, I'm one of the few who was elected to the state Duma for the fourth time with a huge percentage of those who voted, however, in the list I do not appear, - the Deputy told. - I asked one of the leaders of our party Artur Chilingarov, by what criteria did you select candidates for awards, if I, four times elected Deputy, was not even in the lists of marked? He replied that, they say, he is nothing, and made lists of the chamber's leadership. Perhaps the fact that I voted against the head of the chamber Boris Gryzlov," suggested Kobzon.As a result, the singer refused to speak at today's Grand reception-concert on the occasion of the anniversary in the Kremlin and even ponders whether to go there at all."All "chanter" deputies suggested to act in the Kremlin. Читать полностью -->

Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow

Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow The famous film Director Emir Kusturica got into a fight in the heart of the Russian capital. Coming from one of the pompous Moscow restaurants, the Yugoslav Director witnessed a fierce scuffle with two photographers.Men violently out, riding on the pavement, and stood around dumbfounded colleagues fighting and tried to soothe fighters.After the last visit to Russia in June 2007, when the closing ceremony of the Moscow international film festival 54 year old Emir Kusturica showed how one can drink hot Serbian guys from the eminent Director waited for anything. And wait - "Balkan Fellini" found something to surprise the Russians.At the presentation of a new brand of luxury watches, which took place in one of Central Moscow's restaurants, Amir acted as a vocal soloist. The concert was a great success, but on leaving the institution Kusturica made much more interesting - he began to separate the two Metropolitan paparazzi, who staged a bloody brawl in the center of the city.Running to hot with the fight guys, the Emir personally decided to separate them. The generosity of overseas Director was enthusiastic other witnesses to the brawl. Kusturica (not without the help of security guards pried the two apart.- Is everything all right? asked Kusturica English victim of the paparazzi after the end of the street fighting. Читать полностью -->

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