Dana Borisova decided to fight for their happiness

Dana Borisova decided to fight for their happinessWell-known TV presenter admitted that he is ready to fight for your happiness in all possible ways. Rumor has it that civil husband of TV presenter left the family and Dana was left alone with a baby.Personal life Dana Borisova refuses to comment, but, despite everything, it looks great."I believe that beauty and youth must be fought. Take care of yourself and care should start from a very young age. And in the battle with old age to keep the strike. I'll try my best to use the best creams, go to cosmetologists - in General, to do all that and in old age to remain beautiful and desirable. Maybe even to plastic surgeons will return, but in a pinch," says Dana Borisova.Beauty is an elusive art form, the worship of which in recent years brought to the point of absurdity. Читать полностью -->

Andrey Makarevich had surgery

Andrey Makarevich had surgeryThe newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reports that the leader of the group "time Machine" Andrey Makarevich have had surgery. According to doctors, the operation was successful and the musician feels well.On Tuesday it appeared that Makarevich was hospitalised in one of capital clinics. Recently a 54-year-old musician was bothered by severe pain in the kidneys and pressure. It was reported that Makarevich will spend in the hospital for a few days.However, the press attache of the artist Anton Chernin later denied rumors of hospitalization and stated that Andrey Makarevich just came to hospital for routine medical examination, after which he went home. "If it was something serious, the doctors just don't let him go home," said Chernin. Source: Andrey Makarevich had surgery. Читать полностью -->

Today is the anniversary of the death of Boris Yeltsin

Today is the anniversary of the death of Boris YeltsinThe opening ceremony of the monument to the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin will be held on Wednesday, the first anniversary of his death on the grave of the policy at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.This was reported by RIA "news" the adviser of the President of Russia Vladimir Shevchenko. The opening ceremony will be attended by the two presidents is the defending Vladimir Putin and elect Dmitry Medvedev, informs "Kommersant". In Ekaterinburg the memory of the first President will perpetuate renaming in his honor at the University.Shevchenko said that the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II will make a lity. Then will take place the opening of the monument, laying flowers and ceremonial passing of the honor guard of the Presidential regiment."The ceremony will be attended by the family of Boris in full, including his widow Naina, daughter, grandchildren," said Shevchenko. According to him, also invited the people with whom he worked Yeltsin. The most notable quotes from articles on the subject site leads "Zagolovkami". Читать полностью -->

Eva Polna staged lesbian dancing at the concert Zemfira

Eva Polna staged lesbian dancing at the concert ZemfiraAt a solo concert of Zemfira in "Olympic" Eva Polna, who recently gave birth to her second child, made a candid dancing with a girl.As found "Z", recently in the relationship between eve and her common-law husband Sergey, not everything went smoothly. People from the inner circle of the star said that the couple recently often quarrel and fight. Polna is increasingly appearing on the secular parties, one, and Sergei next to eve and not even visible.So it happened this time: eve, leaving two children with a babysitter, went to the concert Ramazanova. Under the fiery music and mysterious Cola bottle soda Polna by the middle of the concert finally relaxed. Right in the stalls, where sat all the VIP guests, the singer gave an erotic dance with one of the adjacent girls. Embracing each other's most intimate places, girls forced around sheepishly to take views. Читать полностью -->

Katya LEL has decided not to marry a loved one

Katya LEL has decided not to marry a loved oneThe wedding ceremony singer Katya LEL and her common-law husband Igor, which is already three times in three years was postponed for various reasons, it seems, will not happen, writes "Your day".A couple of weeks ago romantic love story 34-year-old Katie and 33-year-old Igor was completed.Recently in love with Katya vengeance was preparing to experience the delights of family life. From businessman Igor she already received the gift of a diamond ring. A successful businessman spoiled Katya, was showered with expensive gifts and promised a bright future.The singer also repeatedly said that he wants from her beloved children. But the three-year civil marriage with the groom not stand the test of time and has cracked and failed to reach the official registration.However, she does not despair. Now the pop diva has radically changed the image: bright red hair and makeup is now an integral part of Katie. "I'm free and my heart is open for the arrows of Cupid" - she said.Real name is Katya LEL - Catherine Cuprimine. Читать полностью -->

`Enchanted` Holly Mary Combs revealed his sexuality

`Enchanted` Holly Mary Combs revealed his sexuality With 10 years Holly began to participate in the audition, for a long time acted in commercials. In 1985 she received her first role in "Wall of Glass", then several more films and TV series.Once Shannon Doherty invites her to the project "Charmed" the role of the Piper Halliwell. Holly took. After that, the actress becomes famous all over the world.Her sister in the film (Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty) became best friends, Holly, with whom she still maintains a good relationship. Source: "Enchanted" Holly Mary Combs revealed his sexuality (photos). . Читать полностью -->

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