Ivan Urgant is hiding information about her daughter

Ivan Urgant is hiding information about her daughterAs we wrote last week when well-known TV presenter Ivan Urgant first became a father. The showman and his beloved Natalia Kiknadze daughter was born.The girl was born in St. Petersburg. Ivan at this time was in Moscow, on the set of the next project. After work, he rushed to St. Petersburg and met with his wife and newborn daughter for a few days. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears has prigotovila next sneaker

Britney Spears has prigotovila next sneaker Britney Spears may be, and divorced Kevin motherhood, however, sympathy for the guys of this type has remained, writes in Friday's Daily Mail.Eyewitnesses saw just recently, the singer placed her in the car naked from the waist up young man, in appearance very similar to Federline, at the gas station on the way to the salon in Beverly hills.In jeans, sneakers, dark glasses to get out and out cowards, this man embodied everything that drew Britney in her former husband. By the way, when they started Dating in 2004, many said that Motherhood is no match for her.Bodyguard Britney guy drove a few blocks and then he left. It is unknown whether they meet with Britney, or just friends, or Spears of kindness decided to bring a stranger.According to rumors, Britney now intensively leads in shape, doing physical exercises and dances, preparing to return to the big stage. Source: Britney Spears has prigotovila next sneaker (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Vitas detained for disorderly conduct in a police uniform

Vitas detained for disorderly conduct in a police uniformPopular singer Vitas was recently arrested for illegal possession of police forms and disorderly conduct. The artist, who in unusual clothes visited one of the Moscow restaurants of Japanese cuisine, after the incident was brought to the station, where were two protocols.For the illegal possession of a police form, he faces a fine from 300 to 500 rubles.Last Saturday Vitas friends and I went to the Japanese restaurant "Yakitoria" on Novy Arbat, dressed in the uniform of a Lieutenant of militia. Some time later, Vitas began to behave provocatively, so that the guards of the institution was unable to overpower him, reports the Telegraph."He expressed obscenely, their arms, threatened with trouble at work and was trying to provoke a fight," he wrote in his statement to the police officer of the security company that guards "Yakitori".In the end, to pacify the Vitas protection of the restaurant was forced to call the police, which brought the singer in a call center. Source: Vitas detained for disorderly conduct in a police uniform. . . Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton spent the night with a girl

Paris Hilton spent the night with a girlScandalous "blonde in chocolate" Paris Hilton after a stormy party returned to the hotel along with 15-year-old fashion designer Kira Plastinina.- Kira spent the night in the presidential Suite of our clients, - have confirmed "Z" at the reception of the hotel.Known socialite recently admitted that for some time she likes... girls! She even introduced the world to his new love - a certain 22 year old Paris Picard, with whom she was seen cuddling in lesbian clubs.The next day Paris and Kira appeared in the lobby of the hotel in the second hour. Girlfriend went to the Plastinina boutique in one of the shopping centers of the capital. In the end, the blonde got some clothes on 991 120 thousand rubles. Girls still wandered around the center, and then went to have dinner in one of the elite restaurants. The impression from shopping Paris is slightly tainted a little rain. Читать полностью -->

Ustinov publicly insulted Dontsova

Ustinov publicly insulted DontsovaIn a festive edition of the program "Fashion verdict", which will air on March 9, locked in verbal battle two of the most popular writer Tatyana Ustinova and Darya Dontsova.Tatyana Ustinova, which does not hide that doesn't even know how much she weighs, and prefers to dress all in black, had challenged fashionistas Darya Dontsova.- Daria wears things that would suit better 13 year old girl, " she said. - Her wardrobe is full of pink t-shirts, trousers, futbolochek. And almost every t-shirt emblazoned muzzle of a pug. And the dress is obscenely short. Young girls usually wear such leggings. Daria also wears them with tights. Читать полностью -->

The final `Eurovision song contest` will be held today in the Serbian capital

The final `Eurovision song contest` will be held today in the Serbian capitalThe final part of the popular music show "Eurovision", which will be attended by 25 artists, will take place late on Saturday night in the Serbian capital.The winner will be determined by voting viewers through SMS messages or phone calls to special numbers. Voting will be conducted in 43 countries, which presented their participants to the contest.From Russia in the final round will perform the singer Dima Bilan with the song "Believe Me", which the Serb bookmakers called the favorite of the competition. Rates on its victory are accepted by a factor of 2.5. The main persecutors of the Russian participants of the show are three of the singer: Ani Lorak from Ukraine - factor 5.0, Jelena tomaЕЎeviД‡ from Serbia and Kalomira from Greece - factor of 8.0.From the audience for the musical competition will follow the order of 15 thousand spectators. For those who failed to buy tickets, in the centre of Belgrade near the building of the city Assembly will have huge monitors for public viewing the show.The contest is scheduled for 21:00 (23:00 MSK). The final song "the Prayer" will be opened by Serbian singer Marija Serifovic, the winner of last year's show, which Serbia has entrusted to hold "Eurovision-2008". Читать полностью -->

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