Lindsay Lohan wants from beloved children

Lindsay Lohan wants from beloved childrenThe Western press continues to discuss the details of your personal life the actress Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan), in which, according to the tabloids, in love with two girls.Last year muckrakers were discussing secret correspondence Lindsay on her MySpace page a girl named Samantha Ronson (Sam Ronson). The secret is out thanks to the hackers: to surface information about what Lindsay wants to marry Samantha and have children with her. First step is the hardest: today the New York Post reports that Ronson moved to Lohan actually on an ongoing basis.The second lady who claims to reciprocity actress - Courtney Semel (Courtenay Semel), the successor to Yahoo.According to the newspaper, Ronson have your own apartment, but most of the time she spends with Lindsay. Parents Actresses don't like both "ohajiki" because one of them is a DJ and works at parties, and the second has a reputation as "leeches", the suction to the celebrities.Itself Lohan recently gave many reasons for concern, land reabilitazionnoi clinic, where she underwent treatment for addiction to alcohol and psychotropic drugs. Apparently, soon a curious crowd waiting for new scandals. This writes РќРѕ Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Dibrov married a young resident of Rostov

Dmitry Dibrov married a young resident of Rostov48-year-old TV presenter and showman Dmitry Dibrov married a girl who is a quarter century younger than him, informs "Your day".In an interview with Dibrov admitted that he wants to get with a 23-year-old beauty Alexandra Shevchenko five children. Spouse dream that first came to light daughter."All these performances are good with the wedding, but they are for my mother and for friends, - says Dmitry. For life you need one thing - the happiness of your partner. None of the twelve years of my halostatue not bringing me to the registry office! I had no idea someone is to offer. And even here, nothing to think about. - says Dmitry. Читать полностью -->

Kylie Minogue has forgiven her lover

Kylie Minogue has forgiven her loverThe famous singer Kylie Minogue and her ex-boyfriend, French actor Olivier Martinez together again. They say the reason for their breakup a year ago was cheating Martinez, but in the end the couple decided to reunite.If you believe the rumors, Olivier all this year threw ex-girlfriend messages with the requests to forgive him, and longed for the meeting. And indeed Kylie during these long months I realized: this man fits her like no other.Historic meeting between Olivier and Kylie occurred in Paris last week. Reconciliation of ex-lovers was also marked by the adoption of a kind of "life plan", which is the wedding and children.Recall that this was one of the causes of the conflict Martinez and Minogue. The singer passionately wanted to have a family and children and her life partner wanted freedom."Kylie took it back - with a new set of rules, said a friend of the singer. "Ollie agreed to try to have a baby. Читать полностью -->

Renee Zellweger will never have children

Renee Zellweger will never have childrenActress Renee Zellweger has admitted that he does not want children. "I never aspired to motherhood," she said in an interview. "I never talked like, When I'm 19, I'll do it, and when I'm 25", writes the Daily Mail."I'm just not pushing it, live every day, and if something happens, it's good. I just want to be independent and to take care of herself," added the 39-year-old Zellweger.In 2005, Renee, became famous for the role of Bridget Jones, she married musician Kenny chesney. Their marriage was annulled just a few months. Zellweger says that now she has no time for romance.Zellweger commented on the rumors about his affair with a colleague in the film Leatherheads and directed by George Clooney. Читать полностью -->

In Los Angeles will be a statue of Oscar De La Hoya

In Los Angeles will be a statue of Oscar De La HoyaSoon near the famous Los Angeles sports arena, the Staples Center will be a statue of former world Boxing champion in six weight divisions Oscar De La Hoya in full size.She will stand in line with the statues of the famous basketball player magic Johnson and the no less famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Executive Director of the promotion company Golden Boy Promotions Richard Schaefer announced on Wednesday at a press conference dedicated to the fight De La Hoya vs. Steve Forbes."I'm stunned. It's a huge honor. Don't even know what to say, " said De La Hoya. - I guess I will every day to pass by her, to make sure its not pelted with eggs. Читать полностью -->

Announced the list of nominees theatre Tony Award

Announced the list of nominees theatre Tony AwardA Broadway performance of "On top" is one of the main contenders for the prestigious theatre Tony Award, noted in 13 categories.In second place was the musical "South Pacific", presented at the 11 award categories. It is followed by the staging of the Broadway show "Sunday in the Park with George", which received 9 nominations.Play Tracy Letts "August: Osage County", named best drama by a vote of the jury of the Pulitzer prize, has received seven nominations for the highest theatrical award Tony Award.In the main category of the award for "best play" declared: "the Seafarer" by Conor McPherson, "the Rock' n 'roll" by Tom Stoppard, "the 39 steps" by Patrick Barlow and "August: Osage County. In the category "best musical" at theater "Oscar" fight performances: "On top", "Extremely weird", "Crybaby" and "Xanadu", writes the Associated Press. Source: Announced list of nominees theatre Tony Award. . . Читать полностью -->

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