Leontiev laughed at Baskov

Leontiev laughed at BaskovValery Leontiev, despite its age, is in excellent physical and creative form, and a healthy sense of humor, the artist does not hold.During a recent concert in Krasnoyarsk Valery Yakovlevich pleased the audience with their songs, but funny parody of the colleague Nikolai Baskov.Sing "Fair", Leontiev suddenly invited to sing along with him one of the spectators. The girl began to deny it, saying he does not know how to sing. After a little persuasion she sang out of tune simple "La-La-La-La-La!", and it inspired Leontiev unexpected improvisation."Here it is - "Factory of stars"! - mockingly commented Valery Yakovlevich. - Montserrat you our Caballe, and I (made a funny face and pathetic his arms) - Nikolay Baskov!". . . Читать полностью -->

Abramovich has collected most of the twins `Classmates`

Abramovich has collected most of the twins `Classmates`Chukotka Governor and the owner of club "Chelsea" Roman Abramovich is the most popular person on Facebook.", though he himself, according to the developers of the resource, officially on the website is not registered.As announced at a press conference in the press center of the Interfax news Agency in Khabarovsk Creator and co-owner of a social network "Schoolmates." albert Popkov, the site recently users often register questionnaire lookalikes of famous people, who often does not use the resource.Popkov said that the administration of the site on a weekly basis removes the form of Roman Abramovich. While the Governor of Chukotka and the owner of football club "Chelsea" is not registered on the "Classmates".Currently on the "Classmates" placed a lot of profiles of well-known politicians, businessmen and pop stars. They are all in a special section and are marked with an asterisk. Thus the administration of the resource informs users that the profile really belongs to the celebrity, and not a DoppelgangeR.In particular, albert Popkov said that from politicians actively communicates on the "Classmates" Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in which there is a special staff of people. Also an active user of the system is Philipp Kirkorov.In addition, Popkov said that the words of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is known about his visit to a site "Schoolmates". But the administration of the resource does not know whether the President of the questionnaire. Читать полностью -->

Moscow has said goodbye to Mikhail Tanich

Moscow has said goodbye to Mikhail TanichMoscow has said goodbye today with the people's artist of Russia, a world war II veteran, songwriter Mikhail Tanich.The civil service in the Central House of cinema came hundreds of people - friends, colleagues, ordinary people who know from childhood the songs of Michael Isaevich.Farewell held with military honors: the coffin was placed a guard of honor. On the screens, one after another, appeared photos from the family archive Tanich: front-line comrades; at the piano; inspired reads his poetry. But most of the pictures with my family - children, grandchildren and wife, the poetess Lydia Kozlova, with whom he lived for 50 years and have always called my main Muse.Opening the ceremony of farewell, people's artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon noticed that today, the country says goodbye "with its outstanding citizen who walked the roads of war, experienced the repression and poverty, but gave people a lot of beautiful poetic words." "His songs are sung by all, and not always knowing who wrote them it was he," said the artist. - Sometimes hear on the radio some music and announce: the author of words - Tanic. And I think: "Oh, really? And this, too, is it?".According to Kobzon, in recent years because of illness Michael Isaevich led a secluded life. "But everyone with whom he came in contact, was very fond of his radiant smile and humor," said the singer. Читать полностью -->

Drunk Lohan by the collar and dragged to the car

Drunk Lohan by the collar and dragged to the car Lindsay Lohan continues to "work" for their scandalous image: not time to subside talk about her candid photoshoot for New York magazine, as she gave a new reason for discussion.According to Hollyscoop, recently miss Lohan loved to relax in a glamorous nightclub Villa Lounge. She's out there having fun to the fullest. On Sunday she was "dogwalks" that was barely able to stay on his feet. The satellite, which helped 21-year-old actress to get to the car at some point could not hold it and it fell on the asphalt. Lindsay, assuring you all that finally gave up alcohol and drugs, was in such condition that is unlikely to be remembered the unfortunate incident the next morning. Apparently, specially caring for her paparazzi posted a record of the incident on YouTube.Source: Lohan Drunk by the collar and dragged to the car (video). Читать полностью -->

Father Hmayak Hakobyan taught Brezhnev black magic

Father Hmayak Hakobyan taught Brezhnev black magic Today, 90 years since the birth of the great Soviet wizard Harutyun Hakobyan. Remembered about him was his son, also an illusionist.- Hmayak, and your father Stalin did magic?- No, there was another story - sad. Rather, the father showed "tricks.". . . . Читать полностью -->

At Baskov and Rudkovskaya much in common in their personal lives

At Baskov and Rudkovskaya much in common in their personal livesIn the show of fashion designer Julia Dalakian in the framework of the Russian Fashion Week in Moscow was a real stargazing. The son of Nikita Mikhalkov Stepan finally bust out my young wife Lisa. She is not the first year working in the modeling business.On the podium - celebrities too. So bridesmaid dress Dalakian specially made for producer Yana Rudkovskaya. However, in this pink ultra-mini is easy to appear at a fashionable party.And after the show Rudkovskaya in a new outfit stopped at a presentation of the composer Dennis Kowalski - author of the best hits Bilan.Now he writes for Nikolai Baskov. Tenor, singing the new hit "walking on the edge", began to dance. Читать полностью -->

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