The widow of the former dictator of the Philippines justified

The widow of the former dictator of the Philippines justifiedThe court Manila on Monday acquitted former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos (Imelda Marcos), who was accused of misappropriating public funds, 40 years ago.As AFP reported, with 78-year-old widow of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was acquitted of the charges by 32 points.The lawyer Imelda Marcos said that the court found the charges not proven. Now from 901 item of the charges brought against her in 1990, there were only 10."I am very glad that these 32 points charges were dropped, and the honor of our family restored in court," said Imelda Marcos left the hearing and did not hide the joy.Ferdinand Marcos of the rules by the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. Nine years under Marcos the country was under martial law and abolished the Constitution. Marcos and his family fled from the country after a military takeover. After his death, Imelda Marcos returned to the Philippines and tried to make a political career, when he ran for President.The Philippines in the early 1990s, accused Imelda Marcos and her former spouse in the embezzlement of public funds. According to government estimates, over 20 years of the Marcos family was taken abroad from five to ten billion dollars. Herself the widow of ex-President denies all charges. Source: Widow of the former dictator of the Philippines justified.

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