Litigation stars

Litigation stars There is nothing wrong with that, to resolve the conflict in court. The star, like other people, often resort to this method of solving problems. True, their claims often associated with professional activities.So, Maxim Galkin has recently filed a lawsuit against his Manager about what we already wrote.If you quit the producer, if the contract has become slavery, if the copyrights are not respected famous people go to court. But often they use litigation to once again light up in the press and remind myself. If you don't consider divorce proceedings and ongoing proceedings with the paparazzi, civil litigation stars full of variety.In 2005, singer and actress Liza Minnelli has filed a lawsuit in new York against her former husband gest. She claimed that he tried to poison her with drugs. According to Minnelli, he manipulated her emotions, forced to take medication, as a result, she constantly feared for his life. Gest, in turn, filed a counterclaim in which he alleged that Minnelli was applied physical violence and morally humiliated him.The soloist of the Spice Girls Mel b has filed a lawsuit against Eddie Murphy. She accused him of "misconduct" in relation to their daughter. She said she would be happy to arrange meetings with Eddie's daughter angel, but first she wanted to force him to help the court to pay child support. After the text DNA Eddie Murphy has publicly acknowledged his paternity and said he never denied paternity and would be honored to fulfill them in the future.Another scandal broke out in 2004. Igor Nikolaev for "star Factory-4" wrote a song, which is not hinted and said directly about the low growth of Andrey Gubin. In response, the singer first sparked the composer on hand to hand combat. But after Nikolaev refused the duel, in court was a suit about protection of honor and dignity. The hero of the song "only shorter Gubin" thinking about how to sue the First channel, but for obvious reasons, refused this idea.Widow of Luciano Pavarotti filed a lawsuit in the amount of 30 million euros against two of her friends, who extended personal information after the death of the great tenor. 37-year-old Nicoletta Mantovani, who before marriage was a Secretary Pavarotti, considered false statements of her friends that her marriage to tenor was on the verge of collapse due to a mutual misunderstanding between husband and wife and only care about a little daughter Alice allowed them to keep the family together. In addition, she announced slander stories that presented Pavarotti in the image of a weak, isolated from the outside world of a man who was under the strong influence of his young wife.David Duchovny, famous agent Mulder from the TV series "Secret materials", loves to sign autographs. He filed a lawsuit against the company that tried to deny him that pleasure. J. P. Productions earn by selling photos of celebrities with their autographs. She was selling a batch of photos of the actor, each of which was worth 60 dollars. Duchovny has officially stated that it does not want people to think that he makes money on the fakes, because none of these photos his mark he left.American actor Kevin costner right before the wedding upset... hairdresser. As argued costner, a French hairdresser, whom he invited to get a haircut before the ceremony, stole his personal computer. The Barber listened to the accusation, had received 2 years probation and admitted to the theft. But the famous bodyguard Kevin costner definitely loves the courts. He recently filed a lawsuit against the production company, which, according to him, failed to comply with the terms of the contract, with the result that he lost $ 8 million. But this time the case was resolved prior to the hearing in court. Both sides went to the world and parted amicably.Joseph Prigogine even though it looks menacing, actually a kind-hearted man, and proved in court. In 2004, he amicably let go of his ward Avraam Russo. But two years later, Greek singer decided again to use the services of a producer, though in a somewhat different manner. With a hospital bed Rousseau stated that Prigogine had threatened him and even prepared an assassination attempt, which, fortunately, failed. Joseph is not just offended, but filed for ungrateful singer in the court. The claim about honour and dignity of the court is fully satisfied, and now the kindest Russian producer should receive 100, 000 rubles as compensation of moral damage. Source: Trial of the stars (photo).

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