Leontiev laughed at Baskov

Leontiev laughed at BaskovValery Leontiev, despite its age, is in excellent physical and creative form, and a healthy sense of humor, the artist does not hold.During a recent concert in Krasnoyarsk Valery Yakovlevich pleased the audience with their songs, but funny parody of the colleague Nikolai Baskov.Sing "Fair", Leontiev suddenly invited to sing along with him one of the spectators. The girl began to deny it, saying he does not know how to sing. After a little persuasion she sang out of tune simple "La-La-La-La-La!", and it inspired Leontiev unexpected improvisation."Here it is - "Factory of stars"! - mockingly commented Valery Yakovlevich. - Montserrat you our Caballe, and I (made a funny face and pathetic his arms) - Nikolay Baskov!".

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