Abramovich has collected most of the twins `Classmates`

Abramovich has collected most of the twins `Classmates`Chukotka Governor and the owner of club "Chelsea" Roman Abramovich is the most popular person on Facebook.", though he himself, according to the developers of the resource, officially on the website is not registered.As announced at a press conference in the press center of the Interfax news Agency in Khabarovsk Creator and co-owner of a social network "Schoolmates." albert Popkov, the site recently users often register questionnaire lookalikes of famous people, who often does not use the resource.Popkov said that the administration of the site on a weekly basis removes the form of Roman Abramovich. While the Governor of Chukotka and the owner of football club "Chelsea" is not registered on the "Classmates".Currently on the "Classmates" placed a lot of profiles of well-known politicians, businessmen and pop stars. They are all in a special section and are marked with an asterisk. Thus the administration of the resource informs users that the profile really belongs to the celebrity, and not a DoppelgangeR.In particular, albert Popkov said that from politicians actively communicates on the "Classmates" Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in which there is a special staff of people. Also an active user of the system is Philipp Kirkorov.In addition, Popkov said that the words of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is known about his visit to a site "Schoolmates". But the administration of the resource does not know whether the President of the questionnaire. So far none of the twins Dmitry Medvedev has not been removed from the site.Popkov emphasized that the relevant inquiry about the availability of the questionnaire Dmitry Medvedev was sent to the presidential administration. But so far the answer has not received. Source: Abramovich has collected most of the twins on the "Classmates"".

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