Moscow has said goodbye to Mikhail Tanich

Moscow has said goodbye to Mikhail TanichMoscow has said goodbye today with the people's artist of Russia, a world war II veteran, songwriter Mikhail Tanich.The civil service in the Central House of cinema came hundreds of people - friends, colleagues, ordinary people who know from childhood the songs of Michael Isaevich.Farewell held with military honors: the coffin was placed a guard of honor. On the screens, one after another, appeared photos from the family archive Tanich: front-line comrades; at the piano; inspired reads his poetry. But most of the pictures with my family - children, grandchildren and wife, the poetess Lydia Kozlova, with whom he lived for 50 years and have always called my main Muse.Opening the ceremony of farewell, people's artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon noticed that today, the country says goodbye "with its outstanding citizen who walked the roads of war, experienced the repression and poverty, but gave people a lot of beautiful poetic words." "His songs are sung by all, and not always knowing who wrote them it was he," said the artist. - Sometimes hear on the radio some music and announce: the author of words - Tanic. And I think: "Oh, really? And this, too, is it?".According to Kobzon, in recent years because of illness Michael Isaevich led a secluded life. "But everyone with whom he came in contact, was very fond of his radiant smile and humor," said the singer. "Misha was able to forgive, never hard-nosed, was kind and open." It is felt in songs and Tanich, including "the Black cat", "there Is a soldier in the city", "What to say about Sakhalin?", "At the far station will go", "Komarovo" and "Weather in the house".Today the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent condolences to the family of Michael Tanich. "I left the life of a talented poet - the author truly popularly favorite songs, sincere, warm-hearted and generous, a truly courageous man. Michael Isaevich has lived a long and worthy life. He walked hard roads of the great Patriotic war, has experienced many hardships in time of peace, but not hardened soul not lost faith and was able to fully realize their rich artistic potential," noted, in particular, in the telegram of the President.Mikhail Tanich died on the night of April 17 at the Botkin hospital on 85-year life. After the state funeral will be a burial service in the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Obydensky lane. The funeral will be held at the cemetery Vagankovsky. Tanic is buried in the Central alley. Source: Moscow has said goodbye to Mikhail Tanich.

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