Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state Duma

Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state DumaOn the eve of today's anniversary celebration - thousand - meetings of the state Duma, the lower house of Parliament on the scandal.The Deputy of the state Duma of four convocations of the national actor of the USSR Joseph Kobzon was offended by the Chairman of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov for the fact that his name did not hit the list of parliamentarians who will be awarded state awards on the occasion of the anniversary.This neglect of his merits had wronged four times MP and famous artist to the core, writes: "LIFE.Ru"."These greetings are of a private nature. The lists were prepared by Gryzlov and his team. I say this not from personal ambition. However, I'm one of the few who was elected to the state Duma for the fourth time with a huge percentage of those who voted, however, in the list I do not appear, - the Deputy told. - I asked one of the leaders of our party Artur Chilingarov, by what criteria did you select candidates for awards, if I, four times elected Deputy, was not even in the lists of marked? He replied that, they say, he is nothing, and made lists of the chamber's leadership. Perhaps the fact that I voted against the head of the chamber Boris Gryzlov," suggested Kobzon.As a result, the singer refused to speak at today's Grand reception-concert on the occasion of the anniversary in the Kremlin and even ponders whether to go there at all."All "chanter" deputies suggested to act in the Kremlin. I flatly refused, because I don't want to entertain the leadership Council. I have for him is his attitude," said Iosif Kobzon.According to him, he was not the only one who was offended by the leadership of the state Duma."The same attitude from my colleagues Stanislav Govorukhin and Alexander Rosenbaum, who was also invited to sing as the ex-Deputy. He also refused. So who will be there to speak - I have no idea, that's their problem, who would they invite," said "LIFE.Ru" the great master of the Russian platform.However, according to the publication, not all members supported the colleague Victor Semenov, for example, at a concert in the Kremlin will sing, and Svetlana Khorkina will dance Latin American dance. Leading concert will be singer Larisa Dolina and actor Garik Martirosyan. Source: Kobzon refused to sing on the anniversary of the state Duma.

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