Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow

Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow The famous film Director Emir Kusturica got into a fight in the heart of the Russian capital. Coming from one of the pompous Moscow restaurants, the Yugoslav Director witnessed a fierce scuffle with two photographers.Men violently out, riding on the pavement, and stood around dumbfounded colleagues fighting and tried to soothe fighters.After the last visit to Russia in June 2007, when the closing ceremony of the Moscow international film festival 54 year old Emir Kusturica showed how one can drink hot Serbian guys from the eminent Director waited for anything. And wait - "Balkan Fellini" found something to surprise the Russians.At the presentation of a new brand of luxury watches, which took place in one of Central Moscow's restaurants, Amir acted as a vocal soloist. The concert was a great success, but on leaving the institution Kusturica made much more interesting - he began to separate the two Metropolitan paparazzi, who staged a bloody brawl in the center of the city.Running to hot with the fight guys, the Emir personally decided to separate them. The generosity of overseas Director was enthusiastic other witnesses to the brawl. Kusturica (not without the help of security guards pried the two apart.- Is everything all right? asked Kusturica English victim of the paparazzi after the end of the street fighting. Unfortunate, is not characterized by such large dimensions as his opponent, in this moment was smashing the broken face in the blood.Only after he was convinced that the boys, though not entirely healthy, but alive, he went to dinner in the hotel. Source: Emir Kusturica got into a fight in Moscow (photo).

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