Britney Spears resting on the Pacific ocean

Britney Spears resting on the Pacific ocean Last week in the Western press, one after another appeared pictures of Britney Spears with the rounded belly. This week, the trends have changed.Hints at possible pregnancy stars no longer observed. But now Newspapers depict a fabulous rest of the former pop Princess on the ranch of actor Mel Gibson, and its shape is called almost perfect.According to Daily Mail, "Britney looks toned and healthy in my bikini". We will remind, last week the 26-year-old singer along with her father Jamie Spears went to stay at the ranch Hollywood star Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn in Costa Rica.Mel Gibson and Britney Spears became friends in Malibu when we lived close to each other. They say that Gibson plans to introduce the singer to practice in his group, which aims to help people overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. Note that the artist himself had at one time also had problems because of his bad habits.Activities clearly went Britney Spears on good. Tanned, with a smile on his face, it looks more like the Britney that once conquered the whole world.A bit of a belly at the stars and the truth is there, but the singer does not look like a pregnant woman. Moreover, the representative of the actress said: all the rumors about the interesting position of the Spears do not correspond to reality.Ranch Mel Gibson the singer bathed in the ocean, sunbathing, riding on the Quad with friends and enjoyed a relaxed and pleasant society.However, the quiet period in the life of a star may end soon. Say, in a short time in the life of Britney might break out a new scandal: according to some, in light possible to get the video recording of her pleasures with a former boyfriend, 35-year-old Adnan Galiba. Source: Britney Spears resting on the Pacific ocean (photo).

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