The soloist `VIA gra` had been expelled for truancy

The soloist `VIA gra` had been expelled for truancySeductive Meseda Bagaudinova, the soloist of group "VIA Gra", excluded from GITIS for absenteeism.After joining the famous orchestra Meseda no longer appears in the walls of the famous school. She is not able to combine training and touring schedule. The artist, who studied in the third year, hinted that if she did not attend classes, it is better to write a statement and leave.- Meseda had to take a sabbatical due to the very tight schedule of the tour group, commented "Z" producer group Dmitry Kostyuk. - Such a move was inevitable, because studies at GITIS and work in our schedule are incompatible.InstituteWe had not seen, Meseda abandoned his studies and classes anymore, said "Z" former classmates artist.As we found out the Dean of the acting Department of GITIS, the leadership of the Institute will be pleased to see the Meseda, but to continue her studies she had to abandon the work in the group "VIA Gra".- We have daily classes and pass them, all the more so often, is simply inexcusable. So we had to temporarily deduct Bagaudinova third year, - said the Dean's office. - Want to come home, please. But you need daily to attend classes and take tests. Source: the Soloist of "VIA gra" was expelled for truancy.

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