Kylie Minogue has forgiven her lover

Kylie Minogue has forgiven her loverThe famous singer Kylie Minogue and her ex-boyfriend, French actor Olivier Martinez together again. They say the reason for their breakup a year ago was cheating Martinez, but in the end the couple decided to reunite.If you believe the rumors, Olivier all this year threw ex-girlfriend messages with the requests to forgive him, and longed for the meeting. And indeed Kylie during these long months I realized: this man fits her like no other.Historic meeting between Olivier and Kylie occurred in Paris last week. Reconciliation of ex-lovers was also marked by the adoption of a kind of "life plan", which is the wedding and children.Recall that this was one of the causes of the conflict Martinez and Minogue. The singer passionately wanted to have a family and children and her life partner wanted freedom."Kylie took it back - with a new set of rules, said a friend of the singer. "Ollie agreed to try to have a baby. This has always been a stumbling block in their relationship"."A month ago, a mutual friend from Paris gave Kylie that much Ollie on it yearns and is very sorry about the breakup. Two weeks later, Ollie called her late in the evening, being a little tipsy. It was their first conversation in nearly a year. Since that time, they regularly talked on the phone, talked for a long time and continually exchanged messages. Ollie told her that he was ready to create a family, to marry her and settle down".Don't forget buddy Minogue to talk about the children's question. Kylie this year marks 40 years, and it is a lot. When you consider that the star has had breast cancer, the chances of having it, there's even less."They decided that if you do not succeed in the course of the year, will go up for adoption," said a source from an environment of the singer.They say the family Kylie took her reunion with Olivier not very good. But the family is French actor seems to be happy. "He was her rock, while she was battling cancer, and she always spoke of him as the love of your life," said one of the relatives of the artist. - We would very much like to see them back together." Source: Kylie Minogue forgave her lover.

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