Sobchak made an exhibition of their own used shoes

Sobchak made an exhibition of their own used shoesScandalous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has arranged an exhibition of their own worn shoes in one of the capital's contemporary art centre, informs "Your day" .In the "Winery" blonde orchestrated the installation of his old shoes, shoes and boots almost 450 pairs - titled "the Story of one of the centipedes".To look through on a creative idea came many members of the secular parties of the capital: restaurateur Arkady Novikov, composer Igor Krutoy, singer Dmitry Malikov and even academician Sergey Kapitsa. Society men have diluted the beautiful ladies: Oksana Robski, Yulia Bordovskih, Polina Deripaska and Dasha Zhukova, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ."Ksenia is brilliant!" - we never tired of repeating, a close friend of Susie singer Sergey Lazarev. "Sorry, She does not make men's footwear," said the presenter of the First channel of Yuri Lyubimov.Came to his beloved daughter, and St. Petersburg's Deputy Lyudmila Narusova. She entered the hall under the arms with actor Stas Sadalsky and chanson singer Alexander Novikov. "She's just super," gushed Narusova, admiring the wheel, hung with boots daughter.At the event guests were given unfettered access to sponsorship vodka. "My art without vodka can't watch," said the...Any art object in the exhibition can be purchased. All proceeds from the sale of the shoes will go to the needs of pupils Pociskova neuropsychiatric orphanage in Smolensk region. Source: Sobchak made an exhibition of their own used shoes.

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