Vodonaeva met married Maxim Bed

Vodonaeva met married Maxim BedAspiring singer and lead singer of Plazma, outrageous brunette from "House 2" Alain Vodonaeva spoke about the upcoming wedding with Maxim Bed."Maxim is already seven months along. I got to him the most real, sincere feelings. Love... True, I've mentioned this before," admits Allen in an interview with the magazine "7 days".Maxim Bed, one of soloists of group Plazma, long ago drew attention to Alain. But the passionate beauty for three years making love in the controversial TV show, so the lovers ' meeting is postponed. Care Vodonaevoy from the show coincided with a new stage in creativity of group Plazma - the guys just decided to find a soloist."We met in the car. The guys called and said that they are looking for a soloist and offered to discuss it over dinner in the restaurant. They picked me up themselves, and I realized that I am being treated seriously. With max from the first minute was very easy to communicate," says Alena.Meeting with Maxim changed her life. Allen began to study singing and painting with oil, and soon going to learn English. For the love of Her refused bad habits:"I suddenly stopped Smoking, stopped drinking alcohol, forgot what sleepless nights. Became any more feminine and calm. If at some point he will want to legitimize our relationship, then I would agree," says Alena.But the character Alena difficult to take the girl under the crown is not so simple:"I have yet to see it make an offer! I have three weddings canceled..." - adds Vodonaeva. Source: Vodonaeva met married Maxim Bed.

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