`Examples of Soviet propaganda` sold for a record amount

`Examples of Soviet propaganda` sold for a record amount"Examples of Soviet propaganda" - photo of the work of the Soviet avant-garde artists became a hit Christie's auction in new York.According to the head of the Department of books and manuscripts Sven Becker, set a record for the Russian book of the 20th century "the industry of socialism" El Lissitzky, sold for 79 thousand dollars, reports RIA "Novosti".Lissitzky, associated in 1919 in Vitebsk Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich at the school of the "new revolutionary model", is a symbol of Russian Suprematism. He is known for his graphic images of the "world update", although his works contrary to the beliefs rather impersonal expressed the essence of the dictatorship.According to Becker, in recent years there has been increased interest in the work of the Soviet avant-garde and the constructivists both in Europe and in Russia itself. Russian collectors have previously been interested in manuscripts, books 18-19-th centuries, but recently started to buy books published in 30-e years of the Soviet period. It's now on the crest of interest. I was in Moscow and learned antiquarian market of the capital - quality publications 30-ies in Russia almost there," - said the expert. He predicts further growth of prices for "Soviet constructivism".Photo albums by Alexander Rodchenko and his faithful fellow member Varvara Stepanova became a hit Christie's auction in new York, surpassing five-eight times the presale estimate. In the annotations to the lots created in the 30-ies, the work of the "father" of the Russian avant-garde and constructivism is presented as "outstanding examples of Soviet propaganda".His photo-album "10 years of the Uzbek SSR", published in Leningrad in 1934, sold for 39 400 thousand dollars, "First horse" ("one of the most outstanding books of Soviet propaganda" - Christie's), published in 1935, went for 32 thousand 200 dollars, "Moscow reconstruction", published in 1938, bought for 37 thousand dollars. "The excellent design of this document reflects the scope and innovation intensive reconstruction of Moscow, the 30-ies and full graphic pyrotechnics," notes Christie's in its accompanying remark to the last album.Creative ambitious idea Rodchenko (1891-1956), one of the pioneers of advertising in the USSR, designer, graphics, photographer, artist, theater and film, inspired by the aura of his time, unexpectedly, was in tune with the mood of the new York market. Although his epic, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Soviet Uzbekistan, pretty soon, the forbidden book, as its main accused were "enemies of the people" during Stalinist purges.Yes, and Rodchenko, each of which was essentially a political Manifesto, despite its pathos of the Builder of communism more than once been the target of harassment and persecution. "Art is a service to the people, and the people are everywhere," said the artist once in his diary.As for iconic illustrations Rodchenko to of Vladimir Mayakovsky's poem "About this" with a portrait of Lilya Brik on the cover, she did not find buyers. Although experts "Christie," ranking "it" in the range of 7-10 thousand dollars, assumed that this lot will attract the most public interest. Source: "examples of Soviet propaganda" sold for a record amount.

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